I can't wait to capture whatever it is you want to celebrate. I'll be there in the background, snapping away, throwing in a suggestion or two as I document those memories you want preserved. 

hi i'm


When I was a university student, one of my classmates asked me what I wanted out of life.  I didn't share career goals or talk of creating a family; instead I told him I wanted to be remembered. For what at the time, I wasn't sure of, but I knew it was important for me to have an impact on the lives of those I've come across. I knew I wanted to break out of the town I was raised in and see the world, so I created a life that allowed that.

I spent a summer in Costa Rica, communing with nature and volunteering at a sea turtle reserve, rafting down warm white rapids, and zip-lining over dense forests. Cut to immediately after I graduated university with a degree in travel and tourism, when I packed my crap and took to the sea, spending the majority of my twenties serving as a crewmember onboard (too) many cruise ship contracts, traveling to over 100 countries.

Through that I met my English partner. In 2019 I moved to the NW UK and as of July 2020 we're TEN years in the making!

This life I imagined, the one where I want to be remembered, has taken a different form these days. I now have a home base (finally), and aim to document moments in the lives of others that THEY want remembered. And to me, that's just as rewarding. I still crave travel, adventure, and that special hunt for delicious food abroad, but now I have time to fill the in between moments with things that make my heart happy. 


From (and frequent flyer to)

Seattle, WA

Currently located in

Ormskirk, UK 


happy as a clam to travel ✈