I'm so glad you clicked on to this page. As a fun treat, hover over my headshot. DO IT - you won't be disappointed!

Honestly so grateful - it's just the worst to pour so much time into figuring out how to introduce yourself and have no one read it! Personally, I find it frustrating to look through a website with the intention of learning about the person behind it all and not be able to find anything.

Feel the same? Don't worry, I took care of that for you. I'm pretty much an open book - full of compassion and kindness, with a touch of sass and stubbornness thrown in there for balance.

When I was a university student, one of my classmates asked me what I wanted out of life.

I didn't share career goals or talk of creating a family; instead I told him I wanted to be remembered. For what at the time, I wasn't sure of, but I knew it was important for me to have an impact on the lives of those I've come across. I knew I wanted to break out of the town I was raised in and see the world, so I created a life that allowed that.


I spent a summer in Costa Rica, communing with nature and volunteering at a sea turtle reserve, rafting down warm white rapids, and zip-lining over dense forests. Cut to immediately after I graduated university with a degree in travel and tourism, when I packed my crap and took to the sea, spending the majority of my twenties serving as a crewmember onboard (too) many cruise ship contracts, traveling to over 100 countries.

This life I imagined, the one where I want to be remembered, has taken a different form these days. I now have a home base (finally), and aim to document moments in the lives of others that THEY want remembered. And to me, that's just as rewarding. I still crave travel, adventure, and that special hunt for delicious food abroad, but now I have time to fill the in between moments with things that make my heart sing. 


Point my face to the sun and fill my mug with green tea.

My favorite number is 17.

Therefore I decided that's the number of facts about myself that I would share with you. Here goes!


*Wait! Actually, before you get started, it's worth noting that I grew up near Seattle, WA and traveled all over for a huge chunk of my twenties. Then, in July of 2019, I moved to the northwest of England to be with my partner of over nine years. That's why I have an American accent and spell all the things this way. Aaaand you may blame my sense of humor on that as well.* 


Ok, now back to it! In order for you to know me better, you've got to know that among many other things:​​

My brother thinks I have small pinkies but that didn’t stop me from spinning baton or jammin' on the alto sax in high school. You can decide for yourself. 


 Fun Facts

"Working with Kayleigh was beyond awesome. She has a real knack for making you feel instantly comfortable, not only with her, but throughout the whole experience. She has the best prompts to get you laughing hysterically. I would never have known a photo shoot could be this much fun! Her ability to genuinely capture our unique personalities through the lens is unrivaled. I couldn't have loved our photos more!!"

- Erin | Couples & Branding Session