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I'm so glad you clicked on to this page. As a fun treat, hover over my headshot. DO IT - you won't be disappointed!

Honestly so grateful - it's just the worst to pour so much time into figuring out how to introduce yourself and have no one read it! Personally, I find it  frustrating to look through a website with the intention of learning about the person behind it all and not be able to find anything.

Feel the same? Don't worry, I took care of that for you.

Read as much or as little as you like. I hope we have something in common!

My favorite number is 17.

Therefore I decided that's the number of facts about myself that I would share with you.

So here goes!


*Wait! Actually, before you get started, it's worth noting that I grew up near Seattle, WA and traveled all over for a huge chunk of my twenties. Then, in July of 2019, I moved to the northwest of England to be with my partner of over nine years. That's why I have an American accent and spell all the things this way. Aaaand you may blame my sense of humor on that as well.* 


Ok, now back to it! In order for you to know me better, you've got to know that among many other things:​​


My brother thinks I have small pinkies but that didn’t stop me from spinning baton or jammin' on the alto sax in high school. You can decide for yourself. 


I used to think I would poison myself if I ever learned to ferment, however, I am still here despite my constant kombucha brewing.


Years ago I was a complete carnivore but stopped eating meat in Jan 2009 to see how long I could last and now I am a passionately plant-based foodie and advocate.


Fonts fascinate me.



I thoroughly appreciate a well-placed pun, alliteration, and/or rhyme.



I love riding in cars but I have no tolerance for distracted driving.


I've recently discovered that I fall under Enneagram 2 - still trying to figure out what that means and whether or not being a libra elevates that superpower.



I may drink more green tea than the recommended daily amount.


 I am an excellent animal snuggler.


I have traveled to over a hundred countries on all seven of our lovely continents. Wanna see a video highlight reel? I didn't make it for this purpose - I promise it already existed.



Scrabble brings out my scary competitive side. And volleyball.


I may make a fool out of myself (even in public if necessary) to makes someone smile, improve their day, or get a great shot.



When I’m at my peak, I meditate daily.


I have more plants than friends. And yes, I talk to them.

(this isn't sad - I have a few dozen!)


Big fan of water sports - wakeboarding, tubing, scuba diving, white water rafting - but I’m a wuss when it comes to rollercoasters.


I have found no thrill like discovering treasures in a thrift shop. I would go daily if my partner let me.



For how much I love yoga, hiking,  and rock climbing, I definitely don't do them enough.


Below are 17 photos of me doing some of the things mentioned, so you know I'm a real person.

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