Celebrate your body.

Allow this time for yourself. Lean hard into self-love. You're flawless and you're going to be incredible. 

Boudoir is not about sexy underwear. ⁠ It's not about making your partner's heart skip a beat. ⁠It's not about being someone else.⁠ And it's definitely not FOR someone else.⁠ This is about:​​​

  • Self-love.⁠

  • Strength.⁠

  • Power.⁠

  • Confidence.⁠

  • Acceptance.⁠

  • Celebration.⁠



"You are allowed to be both a masterpiece

and a work in progress."

-Sophia Bush

Ready to get planning?

let's do this.

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happy as a clam to travel ✈