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just 2 spots left!

introducing the...
Keep it Fresh Club


Where empowered women come together quarterly in Liverpool to update their marketing visuals and support each other's growth. 

it's more than photos...
it's about growth, community, and connection


Hey business pal! Do you:

- want to grow your heart-centered business? 

- want to feel more confident on camera?

- still share outdated visuals & selfies even though you know it's time to stop?

- want to build that know, like, trust factor quicker?

- want to prioritize visibility as part of your 2024 marketing strategy?
- want to be a recognized and remembered expert in your industry?

- crave connection, community, and support?

- have access to Liverpool?

- have a limited time or budget?

enter the Keep it Fresh Club


I know you've got big dreams & goals

And you WANT to look the part but it can feel like an endless battle to keep your visuals updated. I get that you don't always have the luxury of time or a hefty budget for long photoshoots, and going at it alone is just not as exciting or motivating.


I'm here to help you break free from these challenges. Together, we can tackle the task of updating your marketing images with quick shoots that fit into your busy schedule and budget. 

So, are you ready to feel more confident on camera, to grow your business, and to be part of a supportive community? Let's make it happen. Say goodbye to the struggle and hello to a vibrant network of fellow dreamers and doers, all cheering you on every step of the way!

Liverpool Brand Photographer showing photos on back of camera to female entrepreneur client.

picture this...
(see what i did there?)

  • No more stagnant visuals. With quarterly shoots you'll have fresh images every few months to grow sustainably, stay relevant, and continue to attract new customersAnd by planning ahead, you can cater your camera time to focus on what you're launching next!

  • Stay ahead by consistently showcasing the latest version of your business. We all evolve - now you can make sure those updates are captured regularly!

  • Celebrate and support your fellow like-minded entrepreneurs in a safe space where you can connect, network, and build relationshipsAnd you can be in each others images that promote client and team work!

  • Only posting selfies out of desire rather than necessity! Selfies are for stories, not for marketing!

  • Your confidence skyrockets with a supportive group who cheers you on as you step in front of the camera each quarter. Practice leads to progress!

A Liverpool brand photographer improving her photography skills by practicing framing techniques with her hands.
Smokey Levanworth Forest copy 2_1.jpg

here's what you get when you join da club

  • Quarterly Liverpool mini-brand shoots in 2024 

  • Community, encouragement, and networking throughout each gathering

  • Private member WhatsApp group to support each other and share ideas of what to capture for each quarter

  • 5 individual photos included + communal group images each quarter

  • Proofing gallery to choose your favorite photos to be edited

  • Option to co-work afterward at a nearby cafe

  • Access to each others network 


If you're tired of using the same old selfies over and over again, your audience is tired of seeing them.

harsh, i know but we humans are curious cats.

more content throughout the year is a great way to keep their eyes on you! 

Keep it Fresh Q1 Small-21.jpg


Wild Kind Photography Review screenshot.
Wild Kind Photography Review screenshot.
Wild Kind Photography Review screenshot.
Wild Kind Photography Review screenshot.
Wild Kind Photography Review screenshot.
Wild Kind Photography Review screenshot.
Liverpool brand photographer, Kayleigh King from Wild Kind Photography photographed holding hat in one hand, camera in other in front of wooden wall.

hi, i'm your liverpool brand and content photographer

Hey there, I'm Kayleigh, UK brand photographer from Seattle with a passion for capturing images that help your business GROW! 

As a creative business owner, I know how important it is to have fresh and engaging visuals to captivate your audience and allow them to put all their trust into you so they keep coming back for more. I used to get so tired of posting the same few photos over and over again!


But I also understand the challenges that come with it – the time, the cost, and the constant need for updates. Which is why I created the club - I've eased the pressure by booking the shoots for you!

Textures (1)_edited.jpg

TLDR - The Keep it Fresh Club is...

✓ a 12-month subscription with quarterly gatherings for networking and mini brand shoots to keep your visuals updated as your business grows and evolves

✓ a relaxed group of empowered entrepreneurs out there to support each other and build community

✓ a pressure-free space to build your confidence on camera

✓ a massive player in your marketing and growth strategy

✓ a heart-centered content club with goals

WHO: vibrant businesswomen in Liverpool

WHEN: first Friday of Feb, May, Aug, Nov in 2024

Keep it Fresh Q1 Small-35.jpg

Say goodbye to outdated visuals and hello to quarterly content updates with the Keep it Fresh Club!

check out the variety we can get in the club!

Keep it Fresh Q1 Small-24_edited.jpg

Keep it Fresh Club IS FOR YOU IF:

  • You have access to Liverpool / Wirral

  • You are free on the first Friday of Feb, May, Aug, & Nov 2024

  • You value connection and growth

  • You love to give and receive support

  • You need a handful of photos multiple times a year

  • You need the schedule commitment to step in front of the camera

  • You're happy sharing the same shoot locations with other members

  • You like to go with the flow

  • You're happy with minimal props, focusing mainly on you as the business owner, plus group shots showing connection

  • You're happy being in photos with members

  • Outdoor shoots suit your brand - will also try to find cafes when possible


Keep it Fresh Club IS

  • You can't make it to the Liverpool/Wirral area

  • You aren't free on the dates above

  • You need more structure

  • You want to customize the shoot - location, props, etc

  • You need more than one outfit per shoot

  • You don't have the capacity to support others

  • You don't want to be in other members' photos

  • You have a team you want to capture

  • You find being in a group environment uncomfortable or overwhelming


(it's all good, I can give you way more customization with a full-day shoot!

Join the club to elevate your brand with quarterly content shoots in Liverpool, while supporting others along the way!!


  • 1 group mini brand shoot each quarter = 4x per year

  • 5 individual photos + communal images each quarter

  • private proofing gallery - you choose your faves

  • group support and community of businesswomen

  • private whatsapp group

  • access to each others networks


  • ​Bonus 1: What to do with Your Hands Guide 

  • Bonus 2: Yearly Holiday Guide for Content Planning

  • Bonus 3: Posing Video Guide

  • Bonus 4: Free Recorded Affirmation Meditation

  • Bonus 5: Free access to pre-recorded Awaken your Inner Confidence Course 

  • Bonus 6: Priority Booking & Exclusive 15% Discount on future outdoor minis 

  • Bonus 7: 5% discount on any full or half day session booked and shot in 2024

All of this for just 11 monthly payments of £31!

Liverpool brand photographer in front of a wooden wall photographed for a brand photography course.



Shoots will take place on the 
first Friday of Feb, May, Aug, & Nov 2024 in Liverpool. The first one will take place in and around Arts Bar on  Hope Street and the Georgian Quarter. They will start roughly at 10am and last at least 90 mins with the option to hang around and cowork after.

This club is just for those who have a membership. As much as I love dogs, I want the attention to be on each member, and I'd hate for anyone to have an allergic reaction.

We'll miss you!

If you need to miss a shoot, just let me know ahead of time and you can receive double the photos from the next shoot.


Of course!

You can purchase extra at checkout below, or after seeing the proofs each quarter.

This is my first year running this club (though I've been thinking about it for ages!) The idea is we'll meet up for coffee, have a little natter, grab a couple shots, then wander to find some lovely outdoor shoot options nearby, cheering each other on along the way. We'll take turns between solo & group shots.

We won't have time for full outfit changes for each member at each session, but feel free to pop on a scarf, jumper, or blazer to mix up your look quickly!
Textures (2)_edited.jpg

ready to take control?!

Don't let time or budget constraints hold you back any longer. You deserve to have images you're proud to share.

Join the Keep it Fresh Club and discover the power of updating your visuals alongside a supportive community. Together, we'll help your business thrive and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Grab one of the limited spaces now and take the first step towards taking control of your marketing strategy for 2024. Your business and your audience will thank you.

A black and white photo of a laptop flatlay taken by a Liverpool brand photographer.
A Liverpool brand photographer capturing a woman in a hat at an outdoor table.

grab one of the last spots here!

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