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Hello from Ormskirk

(it's near Liverpool)

I'm Kayleigh and I love the outdoors. And sweatpants. And tea.

I'm constantly fighting the battle of changing out of my sweats and leaving the flat...or wearing them all day and staying indoors drinking green tea round the clock.

Occasionally I can be the endearing kind of awkward and I deeply believe in compassion and kindness to all. As an American expat who recently moved to the north of England, I've yet to master much of the English essentials but I'm working on it, one unnecessarily placed 'U' at a time. As an introvert I've always felt very attuned to the needs and feelings of others. That empathic trait comes in way more handy as a photographer than it did while working on cruise ships (served 7 years as a crewmember)!

My style

I love colo(u)r but my style leans to the moodier side of the palette with slightly darker tones but you know what? That doesn't change my goal of capturing the real you. No stiffness, no tension, no pressure. 

Just the expressive, beautiful moments that give you all the emotions. The ones that take you back to the time and place and feeling.


Throughout our shoot I encourage movement, connection, goofiness, a break in that adult kind of serious, a tickle here, a booty-bump there, a few well-placed 'dad-jokes.' The best and most treasured photos come from moments of pure joy. Along with your personality-packed images, you'll take home sweet memories of the heartfelt time we created together. 

Our world is a visual one and your business deserves the very best content to attract your ideal clients. Images that invoke trust, intrigue, brand loyalty - these are vital in the growth of any small business.

This will work wonders.

Your love is magic, and you are beautiful. 

You work hard and deserve this time away from the everyday hustle and grind.

Let's capture your spark, celebrate your relationship, and reconnect with your honey.

We're gonna have a great time.

It's always a good time to celebrate your body. You're flawless.

Allow yourself to feel gorgeous, sexy, powerful, confident.

Lean hard into self-love.

You're going to be incredible.

Got something else in mind?

I've dabbled in many other genres of photography. Shoot me a message and let's discuss your photography needs.


Love and Gratitude

"Erik and I had so much fun during our couples photography session with Kayleigh! Her suggestions, skill, and relaxed nature put us right at ease. Kayleigh's refined, professional camera skills and clear, yet fun, direction kept us laughing - so not only did we get some amazing photos, we had a blast doing it! I truly feel like Kayleigh captured our relationship and spirit in an authentic way that I'm excited to share with my family and friends!  I would confidently recommend [her] to any couple that is seeking an outstanding photographer who can help capture the essence and joy of their relationship!"

- Lorena | Couples Session


Think we're a good fit?


Because I want my style to suite your personality and needs. I want you to cherish your images and rave about your experience.

Let's be friends


My sessions are full of heart.

There won't be rigid posing while you smile directly into my lens. Oh, nonono m'friend!

That's not my bag, baby.

You should know what to expect, no surprises.

My sessions are full of movement and sentiment. 

I'll direct and guide you along the way and there will likely be jumping, lifting, spinning, laughing, twerking, bare-feet, joke telling, PDA, and lots of fun!