boudoir photography to connect with your body

celebrate your self love with heart-led photoshoots



+ Strength
+ Self-love
+ Confidence
+ Celebration

Boudoir Photography is not about sexy underwear. It's not about making your partner's heart skip a beat. It's not about being someone else. And it's definitely not FOR someone else. Lean hard into self-love. You're flawless and you're going to be incredible.

Happy Boudoir Babes

"This was my first time being photographed in a professional setting, let alone a boudoir-style shoot, so I was worried I'd feel awkward or self conscious. Right away though, Kayleigh put me at ease and it was a super fun, empowering day. I appreciated her recommendations for what to do during the shoot - it took the guesswork and uncertainty out of it for me, and produced some shots I'm really proud of...and amazed I was able to pull off!"

- Colleen | Boudoir Session

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