9 Places to find Street Art in Liverpool

Where to find street art for Liverpool-based photoshoots

I absolutely LOVE street art! I love the colors, the talent, the imperfection, everything! Liverpool has a lot of vibrant areas which I had seen in photos, but sadly, I didn't have a ton of time to properly hunt it all down between moving to the UK and when lockdown hit 9 months later in March of 2020. I had researched it online but struggled to find a resource to help me map out where it's all located.

Luckily, over the summer I connected with a wonderful human on instagram who took me on a little photoshoot graffiti tour of Liverpool, and since then, I've gone back a few times for personal branding and product photoshoots.

Where to find street art in Liverpool:

Hardman Street

This gorgeous mural is just what you need for a fresh, but not in-your face backdrop. It's in an alley off Hardman Street next to The Florist.

Seel Street

I stumbled on this area of graffiti by complete accident but in perfect timing - right in the middle of an urban street art product shoot! It's in a parking lot behind Crazy Pedro's Pizza Parlour. Watch your step through this area as there's a lot of loose bits on the ground.

New Bird Skatepark

This location is special in that it's constantly evolving. It has looked different with every visit, ensuring that every time I shoot there, I'll have a different gorgeous background. When visiting be careful and watch your footing - the cement is crumbly and unfortunately it's often full of litter.

New Bird Street

This street next door to the skate park is lined with stunning artwork. It's often filled with parked cars so keep that in mind when planning your visit.

Jamaica Street

Here you'll find gorgeous angel wings, a couple tributes to Liverpool football manager, Jürgen Klopp, and giant warn blue and white filigree that makes a gorgeous backdrop.

Mann Street

There is a large brick building here covered in a colorful geometric mural and it can be used as a backdrop in separate sections.

Around Camp and Furnace

There is a lot of beautiful art if you start exploring the streets around Camp and Furnace, and if you know someone who works there, maybe you can get an aerial view of New Bird Skate Park!

Rice Street

This is where you will find the "all you need is love" Beatles quote. Simple and impactful. I've seen it in all kinds of Wedding Photos. And yesss that's me modeling for one of my clients!

Heathfield Street (off Bold Street)

When I grabbed the google maps code for this location, the street view of this wall was solid blue, so I'm not sure if this is a piece that I lucked out by finding before it's fixed, or if it's intended to be permanent but I love how colorful it is!

There you go! I hope you've found that super helpful as you plan your next Liverpool graffiti hunt adventure! I'll update this post next time we're allowed to explore if I find more areas worth visiting!

Inspired to have your Liverpool-based brand shoot amongst the graffiti? I don't blame you!

It's the perfect way to inject color into your shoot.

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