Why Being Awkward is Actually a Blessing

So many people reach out to me for photos but then share that they're a little hesitant because they can be a bit AWKWARD in front of the camera.

Honestly, it's nothing to worry about in these types of photo sessions because we plan stories around your day-to-day routines so you just carry on about your business while I document how real you are! It's as easy as that.

Plus, you know what? Awkward-ness is real, endearing, and relatable. And authenticity draws people in. Truly.

The photos I share of myself always get higher engagement than ones I share of anything else. That's because people crave connecting with the person behind the brand. They want to know your true you and it's healthier to share that anyway. The last thing you want is to drive someone mad comparing themselves to your seemingly perfect life. No way - show the messy, real, human side and people will love you for it.

Have no fear, Gorgeous. You're in beautiful, awkward hands.



Queen of Awkwardtown.

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