Get into the Groove & Out of Your Head

Why I created "Boss Tunes," a Personal Branding Photography Session power playlist & soundtrack.

Sometimes I forget just how magical music can be.

It can lull you to sleep, bring you to tears, amp you up, even transport you to a distant memory. It has the ability to distract, motivate, comfort, and heal. It’s pretty insane when you think about it. Music dates back ages when it was used to communicate, tell stories, celebrate. Nowadays, we are so lucky to have loads of tunes at our disposal with just a few clicks of a button!

It's such a powerful tool, and with how easy it is to get my booty shaking within just a few notes of my favorite songs, I set out to create a playlist for my personal branding sessions that would allow my clients to get out of their heads and into the groove.

Nerves have a habit of popping up at the weirdest of times. I know I can feel absolutely fine about something in my head, but the butterflies in my stomach tell a completely different story! And listening to strong anthems with empowering lyrics is one of the methods I use to take back control and put those feelings away.

Check out my article discussing more ways to overcome anxiety, whether it’s before a photoshoot, or anything else that may be approaching the edge of your comfort zone!

My playlist, Boss Tunes, covers a number of genres and eras with a few overarching themes – strength, power, sass, independence.

This slew of songs is constantly evolving, and will be available to you when we book a personal branding session together! Personally, I like to throw some of these on before the session to amp myself up, and then carry-on throughout it as well!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Recommendations always accepted!

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