Personal Branding Photography Session with Ganja Yoga Instructor & Hiker

Personal Branding Photography Spotlight on Yoga Instructor, Erin Allan

Erin is a great friend of mine, a fellow vegan gal pal who used to freelance with the same event company as me - her, a yoga instructor, and me, the photographer. I always treasured when we were paired together for events - you could just feel her gracious love of teaching.

Yoga worked wonders in her personal life, and through it, Erin found her calling which took her from a California-based mental health therapist, to a Washingtonian ganja yoga instructor who pairs restorative yoga with the healing benefits of cannabis in an incredibly educational and relaxed environment.

When she approached me to shoot branding photos for her marketing, we sought out to capture images that showcased her flexibility, shared her love of nature, and exhibited a sense of calm.


Working with Kayleigh was beyond awesome. She has a real knack for making you feel instantly comfortable, not only with her, but throughout the whole experience. She has the best prompts to get you laughing hysterically. I would never have known a photo shoot could be this much fun!

Seattle based ganja yoga instructor doing yoga poses in the forest during her personal branding photography session.




No matter what industry you identify with, personal branding photography should be an important aspect of your marketing plan. They tell stories that invoke trust and connect you with others by showcasing your passions.

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