Branding Photoshoot with Lancaster Furniture Upcycler & Artist

Personal Branding Photography Spotlight on Lancaster Artist, Heidi Roper.

I am so grateful that Heidi and I had the opportunity to meet for her branding shoot. With the changes in lockdown rules, we had a mini-scramble to sort out the reschedule date but we ended up shooting a week earlier then planned so in the end it worked out well for everyone...and I had a lovely sunny drive in the countryside outside of Lancaster!

Heidi's work is going to be published in a magazine!! So we set out to capture photos of her hard at work in her studio, completing one of her intricate, nature-inspired designs. She also wanted to share her newly finished mural, as well as a big part of her inspiration in the form of her daily walk in the beautiful woods right outside her home, along a gorgeous river!

Despite being a colorful artist, Heidi mentioned really enjoying black and white photos of herself, so I wanted to make sure that was incorporated in her gallery.

The Dingley Dell Creative Studio is a bit dark so in addition to her shoot we chatted about ways to bring natural light into her workspace to capture photos her website. It was so fun to chat photography!

And I showed her a very exciting trick I was stoked to put to work to soften the harsh rays of sunlight that pour into her studio.

I'm so excited to see her published! Keep an eye out and I'll share once it's out there in the world! Thank you for trusting me, Heidi - I had a great time jamming to Fleetwood Mac and seeing you in action!




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