7 Ways to Calm Anxiety Before Your Personal Branding Photography Shoot

Try these methods the morning of your Personal Branding Photography Shoot if camera anxiety starts creeping in!

It's not every day you step in front of the camera, is it? If you're not used to it, it's completely normal to have the butterflies or perhaps a tad bit of pesky anxiety. I'm here to tell you that it's all good and you'll be just fine, but I get it. I've found a few great methods to battle those feelings and come out on top.

Read on for tips and tricks to get you ready to slay your shoot!

Play with Scents

Is there a certain smell that calms you down?

I love burning incense and diffusing essential oils. Lavender and eucalyptus get me every time. Keep an eye (nose) out for a fragrance that dissolves tension and transports you to your happy place. Think spa-like zen. There are some that are best inhaled, and others that can even be applied to skin (likely diluted with a carrier oil). This can be a quick, easy, and effective method to tell those nerves who's boss.

Finding lavender at Liverpool Personal Branding Photoshoot Wellness event


There are a number of different types of meditation that could serve you well when it comes to calming anxious feelings. I use a mix of mindfulness and transcendental meditation to take control of my thoughts and calm me down when my anxiety kicks up. There are a number of apps on the market to guide you through meditation practices and are a great way to get started.

Breathing and Meditation with yoga class at Liverpool Personal Branding Photoshoot Event

Breathing Techniques

I can't even begin to accurately tell you how many breathing techniques exist to fight stress and ease the mind. The internet is FILLED with different methods to this approach. Both breathing techniques, and meditation are great in that they require nothing more than your participation.

Meditation pose with yoga instructor at Seattle Personal Branding Photoshoot

Get Cozy

Have you ever heard of Hygge? According to wikipedia, "'s a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment." Creating a space that screams comfort will help free your mind from unhealthy and unhelpful feelings. As you're getting ready, light a candle and throw on some relaxing tunes.

Creating hygge with candles and fairy lights at Liverpool Personal Branding Photoshoot


This beautiful substance, derived from nature has been proven to reduce anxiety. I've found that it can also help calm nerves, reduce menstrual symptoms, and help with sleep. And we all know that sleeping well helps with just about everything else in our lives!

Our Remedy CBD to ease anxiety at Liverpool Personal Branding Photoshoot

Fresh Air

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time inside, in front of a laptop. The indoors can get quite stuffy, and fresh air can do wonders! Pop open a window, or head outside for a brisk walk to clear your headspace with some deep breaths. Extra points if you can enjoy some beautiful nature while you're at it!

Vegan blogger at Seattle Personal Branding Photoshoot

Herbal Tea

Sometimes a cuppa herbal tea is all you need to slow things down and enjoy. Sipping on a delicious flavor can turn your attention to your tastebuds and away from any anxiety you may be feeling. I love green tea, but if I'm in the process of trying to calm my nerves, I reach for a decaf variety, like ginger or peppermint licorice.

There you have it! If you still have concerns, contact your photographer - sometimes just a quick conversation is all that's needed to get reassurance and feel supported on your journey.

Check out what's involved in Personal Brand Photoshoots and reach out through my contact form when you're ready to learn more!

Please note, these are tips based solely on my experience and do not take the place of professional medical advice.