My Client Shared Her Instagram Stats.

Instagram analytics show increased engagement with the use of a personal branding and remote product photographer.

One of my remote product photography clients from the other side of the UK sent me screenshots of her instagram analytics, with the comment:

"Just wanted to show you this as a good example of why professional photography is so important."

What a great thing to read at the start of the day!

So, what did we learn?

This client has nearly 6,000 instagram followers and is a successful small business and yet we learn from her stats, that there is always room to do better. Her profile visits quadrupled, and website clicks nearly did as well. If you prefer percentages (and my math is correct), that's a 400% increase in profile visits, and website clicks are up 350%. Pretty amazing, huh?

Actual Screenshots

With my clients permission (and anonymity), I share with you on the left, statistics from an image she shot on her phone, and on the right, statistics on the engagement of an image I styled and photographed as part of her custom remote product photography package.

This is the first time I've had a client share their analytics results after I've photographed their products and I couldn't be more happy!

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