7 of My Favorite Small Business & Photography Online Resources

Being a small business can be tough! That's why I LOVE all the help these resources provide!

I'm constantly on a mission to help others, which is why I'm sharing my favorite and most-used resources that help me thrive as a small business!


This is an amazing (and free) tool for designing publications for online or print marketing. I use it pretty much daily.

Color Picker

I used this a lot more when I created freelance graphics for other businesses in order to figure out and keep consistent brand colors. Use this to upload images to find the color codes!

Social Sizes

It is HARD to keep track of all the dimension restrictions for all of the social media platforms out there these days. This link lists all your social media image size needs in one handy location

Holiday List

Who doesn't love fun holidays to help with your content and marketing plans? You can build whole marketing campaigns based on silly or niche holidays throughout the year!


This email marketing site is the best one I have found and has wonderful tools as part of the free plan. I am floored by how much functionality I have at zero pounds per month. I like it way better than mailchimp! It even has a handy app to add subscribers on the go! Sign up for my newsletter here!

App - Helios

This is a 'magic hour calculator' that helps me plan for sunset times at any point in the future! It's another wonderful tool when it comes to making timing decisions for shooting in natural light.

App - Lumos

As a photographer that works in the homes and studios of clients, relying mainly on natural light, this app is extremely helpful! It allows me to visualize where the sun will be at different parts of the day, so we can plan shoots around how bright it is. It's amazing!

Need some fresh ideas on how to use your photos? Check out this post!

I hope find these resources helpful!⁠

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