How to make Quarantine Porch Portraits Fun for EVERYONE!

Quarantine has shaken everything up, hasn’t it?? Our entire world as we know it has shifted in a way that most of us never could have imagined. Businesses have had to pivot in all types of ways, if they’ve been able to stay open at all.

Being self-employed in a service industry has been no exception. In keeping with the spirit of the PIVOT, I’ve taken a dive into Porch Portraits and Garden Sessions (socially distanced of course).

Even though here in the UK, restrictions are slowly starting to ease up, I’ll be offering this great way to capture your lockdown crew for awhile longer. It’s summer and family portraits are the perfect way to freeze this crazy time in history. Plus, they’re really fun!

I like to showcase personalities in any and all of my sessions, so bring on the dance music, the insane faces, and dad jokes. Dress up in crazy costumes, or dress down in your dressing gown!

Show up with confetti, chalk paint, squirt guns, and porch decor -

anything to make this experience a fantastic, memorable time!

Porch Portrait Wish List:

  • food fight

  • pajama party

  • confetti bombs

  • water battle

£10 discount to porches willing to help me check off my wish list.

Shooting in Ormskirk, Southport, Burscough, and beyond! Reach out to secure your porch session ASAP!

From (and frequent flyer to)

Seattle, WA

Currently located in

Ormskirk, UK

happy as a clam to travel ✈