"I'm SOO AWKWARD in front of the camera."

Raise your hand if you've said this before.

Chances are, if you're like me or like the MAJORITY of my clients you've felt the pang of anxiety at the prospect of getting your photos taken.

But guess what?! It's A-OKAY! You're human and having a camera in your face is not the norm, so it's totally expected for you to have some awkward feelings. I would be surprised if you didn't!

How do you combat them?

In short, you don't! You can let me know ahead of time if it makes you feel better (if there's enough space where we're shooting, I can change lenses so I'm further away) but my best advice is to just embrace the awkward. Real, natural photos tell a story and are way more endearing. Anyone can smile at the camera. That's easy, but allowing your personality to shine is way more rewarding, and more fun to look back on, awkwardness at all! Plus, you will have a ton more fun during the session when you just allow yourself to be YOU.

Sometimes a cheeky pre-shoot drink helps but if you have skin that tends to go red from alcohol, make sure to hold off until after the photos!

Is it really that easy?

Yeah, kinda. Here's what happens:

  • I keep you super updated with a pretty guide full of detailed FAQs, step-by-steps, and explanations so when you arrive, you have a pretty good idea of how the shoot will work.

  • I give you a brief run-down before we get started with a few important reminders

  • I guide and direct you throughout the shoot to get you playing, laughing, snuggling, etc, so all you got to do is be yourself and follow along - leave the thinking to me!

  • I act a fool and tell stupid jokes (that makes you feel more comfortable, right?)

Being awkward is a blessing that makes you endearing and relatable.

Take it from me - Queen of Awkwardtown.

From (and frequent flyer to)

Seattle, WA

Currently located in

Ormskirk, UK 


happy as a clam to travel ✈