10 Tips to Improve Your at-home iPhone Photography

Why is a personal branding photographer giving away free tips to help people with their photography at home?

There's no fighting it, we all have cameras in our pockets, but do we all know how to get the best photos out of them? I did a whole series on this from October 10-20 on Instagram so I'm going to keep it short and sweet. Think of the following ways to boost your at-home iPhone photography:

Natural Light

Using natural light in your images will help you create beautiful photos that are true to colo(u)r.

Try Hands Free

Steadying your phone so you can use your hands in the image is a wonderful way of adding the 'human factor.' It can help you demonstrate the use of your product and tell different stories.⁠⠀

Use Your Wired Headphones

Use the shutter on the volume button of your wired headphones to snap images at a distance, when creating a stop motion video so you don't touch the camera in between shots.⁠ The below photo was shot with an iPhone. You can tell, can't you?

Gridlines & Rule of Thirds

Enable the grid setting for camera mode to help you line up the horizon, guide your product to the center of the image, or for help in using the rule of thirds. Easy peasy!⁠⁠⠀

Avoid Pinch & Zoom

The pinch and zoom feature is one you really want to forget about when it comes to creating images for your business. The photos get really pixelated and lose quality. Sticking to the 2x feature that some iPhones have is the only zooming I would suggest, but the best way is to just move yourself if you can!⁠⠀

Use Foreground

Adding foreground is a beautiful way to add depth, texture, and intrigue to your photos. My favorite "fleurground" items are mossy airplants and baby's breath flowers. You'll often see me at shoots carrying around leaves and twigs so I can create this look in my photos. And sometimes I'm using them to actually block something out of the image - think fire hydrant, car, anything that can easily ruin the look I'm going for.⁠⠀

Try Different Textures

There are so many fun things you can include in your product images to add texture, color, leading lines, fun! Be unique and try something different and eye-catching!⁠⠀

Portrait Mode

Want to elevate your iPhone images with just one mode?! Throw on portrait mode, back up, and get to shooting your goods in that beautiful natural light!⁠

Burst Mode

Want to capture motion without using video? Hold down that shutter button for as long as you want to freeze things mid-motion or to collect photos for creating an action-packed stop motion video!⁠

Sweep your Background

Sweep your background to avoid that harsh, distracting corner where the two meet.

Need some fresh ideas on how to use your photos? Check out this post!

I hope find these tips helpful tools to up your iPhone photography game!⁠

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