Include Humans to Boost Engagement!

Having photos of folks engaging with your product or service helps boost your engagement!

Beautiful images of your product are really useful for increasing your audience, and the larger your audience, with more eyes and focus on your brand and product, the more growth potential you have. I’m not throwing out the cure for a sales rut, saying that nice photos will solve all your problems, but they will freshen up your sites, boost your confidence, and appeal to our desire to look at pretty things!

So, we know that better images will boost your business in ways as we said above, and we know from my article 6 Must-Have Brand Images, that there are a number of types of photos that can be styled within your photography session. Check and check. Now with all that said, I want to quickly highlight the importance of creating what I call “the human factor.”

I’ve spoken several times about including your gorgeous self in your branding images, to boost trust in your business, ultimately leading to more sales and even referrals. Another aspect we need to acknowledge is the power of including other people (or you incognito) in photographs that advertise your event, product, service, etc!

It’s no secret that humans are curious cats with wild imaginations and overactive brains and that we all love gorgeous imagery. What I know to be true from personal experience, is that my photos that include a person (or even just part of them), generally have better engagement than ones that just show a scene or product.

So what am I actually saying? Add people. Hands, feet, backs of heads, some sort of human piece. Adding life and lifestyle-type images to your marketing library is key to stirring up the FOMO and having people imagining your products in THEIR hands, or THEIR plates full of your gorgeous food.

That person can even be secretly you! Or your partner. Or you can even hire models to represent your target market.

To be clear, I’m not in any way knocking photos that feature just products. Those are super important as well. I am, however, pointing out the importance of including people as well in your photos to have a diverse range of images that appeal to a wider base of customers.

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