Liverpool Beach Brand Photoshoot with Cheshire Animal Artist

Photography Spotlight on Artist, Saz Winstanley.

Saz and I met virtually through a networking group of women in the UK and have only met in person for this shoot! Although she did opt to be my my second ever virtual photoshoot client a few months ago. I am so grateful to be able to shoot from afar but in-person shoots will ALWAYS be my favorite!

We headed to the beach and dunes in Formby, outside of Liverpool to capture Saz and her cockapoo, Winnie enjoying the super windy nature time. It was a painting of Winnie that propelled her into Pawtraits by Saz, a venture she started up after leaving her corporate career in favor of caring for her mental health. She also runs therapeutic art workshops.

I had a great time shooting with these two but what I truly loved about this shoot was that Saz uses her grandfather's easel, which she brought with her to the beach, along with the portrait that started it all!

Her talent for capturing animal portraits is absolutely incredible - the detail is amazing! Have a look at her instagram linked below to see how talented Saz is, and maybe even order a custom pet painting for yourself!

Artist laughing sat on Formby Beach holding pet cockapoo.




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Photos from our Virtual Shoot together:

Artist walking on sandy beach wearing yellow raincoat and shirt that says "OH HAPPY DAY"