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Liverpool Brand Photographer with Intuitive Healer

Brand shoot spotlight on Healer, Jo Stuart.

This gorgeous shoot was truly a collaboration! Jo's open communication about what energy she waned to shine through her photos shaped our day in Liverpool together. Detail shots were important to Jo as she wanted to make sure there were plenty of photos beyond smiling at the camera - our goal was as natural as possible!

Jo is an intuitive healer from Wales who serves "open-minded spiritual types, who are interested in personal development and growth. Often, they have suffered trauma or challenges, and need support in overcoming this, so that they can thrive. They are courageous and intuitive, have a feeling that better is available, and want to at least try to create it, whatever "better" may mean for them."

Our day revolved around creating images for not just her site and social media, but also to be used on patreon and eventbrite, as well as on posters and leaflets.

In addtion to working laptop shots, she waned to make sure we captued plenty of images that reflect self-care and receiving inspiration through nature and channeling. And we HAD to make sure to include daffodils (Jo has wonderful university memories of Liverpool dusted with daffodils throughout the spring) and the beach.

We spent a relaxed morning capturing natural shots in a Liverpool airbnb, making sure we had Magic Soul on the radio! These included plenty of her gorgeous crystal collection, enjoying chill time with tea and mindfulness, as well as jewelry making and doing a reading.

Then we hit a little veggie cafe on Lark Lane for lunch and a couple cafe working shots, followed by a short walk in Sefton Park to capture some nature and those gorgeous blooming daffodils. Our last stop of the evening took us to Crosby Beach with the clearest sky showing off its sunset pastels.

Jo wants "to make the world a happier, more abundant place. My work impacts at an individual level, but that creates a ripple effect - the benefits flow out to their family, friends. I believe that everyone has the potential to thrive."

You can find Jo online here:





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Liverpool Brand Photoshoot with Intuitive Healer from Wales


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