Photoshoot with Liverpool Personal Trainer & Student

Photography Spotlight on Liverpool Trainer, Mia Eyo.

I met this incredible human on Instagram a couple months ago. Her photo at the Liverpool Black Lives Matter rally in early June spoke volumes to me and at that moment I knew I had to reach out. We had a lovely chat and arranged to do this shoot as a way for me to get to know the street art around the city and through hours of walking and getting to know each other, I feel so honored that the universe brought us together!

My goal was to provide Mia with a library of vibrant, personality-driven images that showcase her as well as the gorgeous street art around her home city. Colorful walls are such an easy way to bring life and edginess to your images! I've shot in the same area a number of times since she was kind enough to show me around!

A fellow vegan and compassionate human, Mia is going into personal training as a means to support others with their mental and physical health. Once this crazy season is over, I hope to experience her sessions!

Young black woman leaning up against green wall in Liverpool, wearing pink shirt and white dungarees.

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