What's a Story Session Brand Photoshoot?

Ok, so what are "Stories" and "Story Sessions" as they relate to Personal Branding Photography?

Personal Branding Photography with me is anti-stuffy way to get you out there attracting other gorgeous change-makers, on your terms, because we all know if we're not branding ourselves, others will do it for us!

"Stories" are mentioned throughout my site but here’s where we really dig into the meaning and importance of these beauties, but first of all, let’s remember why hiring a photographer for your business is an important step in your marketing plan.

1. Your time is valuable

And let's be honest...selfies don't cut it. Of course you can do it all yourself - you’re UH-mazing. But why would you want to dedicate HOURS of your precious time every year focusing on photos rather than other important aspects of your business? Taking on everything yourself is a time suck. Trust me...I know from personal experience. The highs and lows of small business ownership are no stranger to me.

What I wouldn't give to have back those hundreds of hours I spent trying to sort everything myself...

Time that should have be reserved for family, friends, and self-care.

2. Photos=Business



How else besides sharing your stories, would we show the world just how incredibly amazing you are??

3. Share your Stories

Humans are curious cats drawn to similarities (and color!)​

This is great news because you need images that help your audience connect with your brand in a deep and meaningful way and:

  • support your values

  • convey your personality

  • increase your credibility

  • stand out online

YOU are what sets your business apart from others in the industry. Capitalize on the things that make you unique, relatable, and unforgettable and use that to attract followers, customers, fans, groupies - whatever you need to make your business grow!

Ok, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the actual "Stories" aspect.

Story Sessions are all about capturing you and your business in a natural, authentic, relatable way. To shoot personality-driven images that convey truth and emotion, connecting you to your ideal people to ultimately increase your brand loyalty and reach.

It's not about staging perfection and smiling into my lens. Yes, we'll be strategic about what makes it in the frame, but it's important to remember that perfection isn't relatable, and relatability is our goal!

From shooting your morning routine in the comfort of your home and attending events with you, to creating flat-lays and joining you on your family vacation, I'm here to tell your story!

The stories we capture can be just about anything! The main goal is to create authentic imagery that tell the parts of you your clients can relate to.

We'll brainstorm and form plans around how to capture each story you want to tell. They depend on your industry, but more so on your personality and interests. If you're a professional speaker, that doesn't limit your shoots to podiums and stages. Those are great, but your audience will relate to and connect more from seeing you interact with your pets, or learn a new hobby.

In one day we create a library of powerful, authentic, relatable images that build relationships and connect you to your audience by sharing your unique stories!

Need some ideas?

  • hiking or vacationing with your family

  • the entirety of your morning routine

  • berry picking in the woods

  • the process of creating your product

  • taking your dogs to the park

  • having a meal with your partner

  • getting your kiddos ready in the morning

  • spending time in your garden

  • meeting up for drinks with friends

  • preparing for an event

  • your yoga and meditation practice

  • celebrating client wins

  • even running errands!

Imagine how much time you would save in just ONE session of Personal Brand Photography, which can provide months worth of content!

There are soooo many steps involved in setting up your shots, and that doesn’t even guarantee that you’ll be happy with them.

Personal Brand Photographers take the guesswork and trial and error out of the game and capture your brand's aesthetic with professional gear and knowledge.

Check out what's involved in Personal Brand Photoshoots and reach out through my contact form when you're ready to learn more!