Photoshoot with Liverpool Eco-Friendly, Cruelty-Free Soap Maker

Photography Spotlight on Liverpool Luxury Vegan Soap Maker, Clare Blasbery.

Meet Clare, the inspirational and talented founder of Skyn Bakery, which specializes in hand-made, eco-friendly, cruelty- and plastic-free soaps and moisturizers that are absolutely lush.

I first connected with Clare to purchase some of her gorgeous soaps to use in a self-care bathtub shoot and have been cheering her on ever since. I was absolutely delighted when she reached out about a mini-shoot to gather images to send off to the Liverpool Echo for her exciting feature, linked below.

Her workshop is in a space off the side of her house (just a few streets away from mine) and smells absolutely divine. Her love of creating gentle skincare products is completely apparent from spending any time with her. Pop on over to her website to order some of your own!

Black mother kissing daughter on cheek in kitchen while enjoying vegan Jamaican meal they prepared together with wine.





"Mum's homemade vegan skincare products loved by Strictly and Geordie Shore stars"

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