Personal Branding Photos with Vegan Blogger, Mental Health Advocate & New Mamma Bear

Personal Branding Photography Spotlight on Vegan Blogger, Rae Aflatooni

Rae and I first met circa 1997 in Mrs. Mahaney's 5th grade class, but our best friendship didn't really blossom until high school. Over the years we've been on our own journeys, spending lots of time apart while she was living in China, or while I was working on cruise ships, but our sisterhood stayed strong.

A few years ago, she began her vegan journey and started documenting it to share with other via her blog and instagram, which have grown significantly with her hard work, amazing recipes, and real talk about mental health and trauma. I am so proud of the name she's built for herself.

Over the years, Rae has had me photograph items commissioned to her from eco-friendly companies she supports, to be included in her blogs and on their websites. We've captured images of her eco-friendly mattress and sheet sets, her sustainable couches, her sweet pooches, Amber and Shadow, and even her hubby in our happy place - the forest.

She has recently welcomed to the family a beautiful baby girl and is so excited about her motherhood journey. I only wish this pandemic didn't have to keep us apart for so long!


"It has been a joy having Kayleigh take branding photos for my blog and social media. She really knows how to tune in and capture what your brand is all about. I highly recommend hiring her for brand photography and anything else you might want lasting memories of."

Vegan blogger and influencer sat on her bed in Seattle, going through book during her personal branding photoshoot.






"Life is a process full of joy, pain, healing, growth and throughout all of it I choose to operate in a mode of learning. As I continue to learn and grow I focus on empowerment, wellness, holistic health, and giving my body the nutrition it needs to thrive." 

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Personal branding photography is an important step in your marketing plan. These photos tell stories that invoke trust and connect you with others by showcasing your passions.

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