Personal Branding Photoshoot with Liverpool Herbalist & Vegan Cookbook Creator

Personal Branding and Cookbook Photography Spotlight on Liverpool Herbalist, Tamiqua Williams.

Isn't social media a great tool? Sure, it can cause issues as well, but as a relatively new resident to the northwest of England who has been pretty much locked inside for half my UK reign, it's been a fantastic way of meeting and connecting with locals who share things in common.

Tamiqua reached out to me back in August after seeing this photo of me behind the scenes shooting remote product photography for Our Remedy. She DM'd me saying she liked my style and was working on a vegan cookbook and would I be interested in shooting photos for her? My exact response was, "Yes yes yes!! So interested!!"

Her cookbook is an ode to her Jamaican heritage and childhood cooking memories. It will celebrate and "share the story of the bond that is created in a Caribbean household through cooking." These traditional dishes have been veganized and I can attest from personal experience that they are mouthwatering!

Tamiqua's "business is educating people about alternative and holistic health through the use of natural herbs and healthy vegan food."

The goal for our shoot was to create candid, food-based images featuring her and her wonderful mother, Audrey, as they prepared and put together several delicious Jamaican dishes for her to use throughout the cookbook and in marketing it on her social media. Our aim was genuine, honest images documenting her love for cooking wholesome, Caribbean dishes. I think we accomplished that!

Jamaican mother and daughter cooking Caribbean food in their Liverpool kitchen for their vegan cookbook photoshoot.




Keep an eye out for her ebook, available November 27! It's time to get to work creating incredible Caribbean dishes from the comfort of your kitchen!

Personal branding photography is an important step in your marketing plan. These photos tell stories that invoke trust and connect you with others by showcasing your passions.

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