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Virtual Photoshoot with Devon Life Coach & Illustrator

Brand shoot spotlight on Business Coachon Mindset Coach, and co-owner of Loam & Lore, Amy Chadney.

Do you ever have one of those moments when you're feeling the gratitude and you trace back all the things you did to get to the thing you're feeling grateful for?

I recently did that for connecting with Loam & Lore, and it truly feels like the universe brought us together. Somehow I started following a local Li

verpool artist (who is now a lovely friend) and I reached out to her to see if she would recommend joining a small business membership I had my eye on.

With her encouragement, I joined up and one day, last minute I received an email for a zoom roundtable happening just moments later. I thew it on in the background while I was editing, and the subject got to photography so I piped up with some information, and ended up sharing my thoughts in front of 40 other small business owners!

Later I shared to the Facebook group that I was grateful to connect, and from there, Amy and Dan from Loam and Lore found me and reached out. As soon as we had our first meeting, I knew this would be a great relationship. For one, Dan is American and they lived on the west coast of the US for a few years so we instantly could relate on that matter.

On top of that, they have created gorgeous COMPOSTABLE products with inspiration from their kiddos AND they give money to the rainforest. I was SOLD, and thankfully so were they!

They sent me a link to their pinterest while we discussed their goals and the challenges of being an eco-minded company with bright branding. It didn't take long for a plan to get in motion and a big ole box filled with gorgeous props and products showed up at my door.

Our focus was to create images that screamed their branding, incorporating goods they sent me from around their house, while promoting their recent collaboration with a vegan cork leather brand, in time for their product launch.

Their enthusiasm when they got their gallery was absolutely incredible. I'm so grateful for such sweet clients and friends! If only we didn't live on opposite sides of England from each other!

Luckily, being on opposite sides of the country didn't stop Amy and I from arranging a virtual shoot to promote her coaching business. They kitted out their home office and arranged everything so that she was happy with the framing. For being photographed hundreds of miles away I think they turned out wonderfully! We incorporated tons of colorful elements as well as different outfits and shared some of her gorgeous illustrations to give people a taste of her brand.

You can find Amy online here:





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