Virtual Photoshoot with Seattle-Based Retail Coach

Personal Branding Photography Spotlight on Retail Coach, Chris Guillot.

I've known of Chris for awhile, ever since her and my friend did an Instagram Live together but never had the pleasure of meeting her. Her and I have only known each other virtually but it didn't take much for me to learn how much she cares about helping others succeed. She is a warm and wonderful person who is great at what she does.

I was absolutely thrilled when she reached out to do a virtual photoshoot from all the way across the Atlantic in my home state of Washington! The fact that we can do a photo session from 5,000 miles away absolutely BLOWS my mind and I am so very grateful!

Her space was amazingly colorful and worked so well for the shoot where we showed off some of her retail cards, and her love of reading on the couch. She was so well prepared and her room was filled with gorgeous natural light, making this such a fun and successful shoot!




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