What NOT to Wear during your Couples Session

Yay! You've decided to book a couples shoot. Exciting times. These types of photo sessions are wonderful in that they capture the connection, love, and emotions in your relationship right meow. They also freeze your look. Like forever... So with that in mind you obviously want to aim for a timeless outfit that will keep you looking fresh when you share these with loved ones not just decades from now, but even mere years after your shoot because if there's one thing we can likely all agree on when it comes to fashion, it's that things change fast! #whatnottowear

On one hand, you've got to capture your personality and in no way am I suggesting you tone down your inner fashionista, I'm merely suggesting you have a think ahead and plan your outfit based on what you would want to see hanging on your wall for the foreseeable future.

Here's a few things I would recommend avoiding as you trash your closet in search of the best clothing combo:

  • contrasting patterns - your partner's and your outfits can totally contrast each other if that's your thing, but be intentional. Accidentally contrasts don't look so good in the frame.

Contrasting works if that suits your personality and you do it with intention.
  • matchy-matchy - we've all seen those awkward family photos with everyone dressed in matching denim...need I say more?

  • fluorescent and bright colors- this one is actually truly important. Crazy bright colors can create a color cast that reflects up onto your face or your partner's and is really difficult to work with in the editing department. Please avoid for the love of your photographer!

  • skin-toned clothing- wearing a shirt that matches your skin tone, or that of your partner's has a way of causing limbs to disappear!

  • anything with logos- this is just a suggestion and is totally up do you. The reason to avoid logos is because they can date the image and you may end up not liking that company in the future.

  • clothing with words - these work with certain concepts but ultimately clothing with words takes the focus away from the subjects of the image - you!

Your photographer should provide you with suggestions to help you plan your wardrobe prior to your session.

Keep these in mind and reach out if you think anything should be added to this list!

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