Wild Kind Values

Have a look at the values I find so important here at Wild Kind, and where they came from!

When I was a university student, one of my classmates asked me what I wanted out of life. I didn't share career goals or talk of having a family; instead I told him I wanted to be remembered. For what at the time, I wasn't sure of, but I knew it was important for me to have an impact on the lives of those I've come across. I knew I wanted to break out of the town I was raised in and see the world, so I created a life that allowed that.

I spent a summer in Costa Rica, communing with nature and volunteering at a sea turtle reserve, rafting down warm white rapids, and zip-lining over dense forests. Cut to immediately after I graduated university with a degree in travel and tourism, when I packed my crap and took to the sea, spending the majority of my twenties serving as a crewmember onboard (too) many cruise ship contracts, traveling to over 100 countries with a uniquely diverse set of coworkers turned family.

I've been so fortunate to participate in crazy cool experiences around the world, and throughout my journey I've learned more and more about the person I am, and the values I represent. Mixed in with all these wonderful memories, are ones of exploited animals, mistreated people, corrupt governments, and discriminatory practices. Everything I have seen and experienced has shaped me into the person I am today, and dictates the pillars upon which I strive to hold myself.

Here are those values I've learned throughout my journey.


Too many times on the ships and throughout traveling I met people who had their guard up and would embellish their truths for admiration. I couldn't stand it!

I will remain honest, humble, and true to myself.


Seeing the world change over the years has exponentially expanded my bleeding heart.

I will help fight climate change by striving to use all recyclable materials in my business, and continue to donate trees with every session booked.


Through growing up in a diverse town and working in an even more diverse environment for the better part of a decade, I grew to understand more about marginalized communities.

I commit to serving all to the highest level of service I possibly can, regardless of gender, race, preferences, or background; and to continue to educate myself about diversity throughout history.


When you see animals treated so differently around the world, it can really have an impact on you, which is why I took to a cruelty-free lifestyle.

I will work with brands that hold eco-friendly, compassionate views toward all living creatures and operate using cruelty-free methods and supplies.


GIF of Liverpool Vegan photographer blowing dandelion seeds along canal.

Working in the cruise industry introduced me to some wonderful people! And on the opposite side I met a fair few who thought they could walk on water. I never want to come across as hard to talk to. There's no place in my world for that.

I will continue to stay the friendly, wild kind person I am to any who reach out to me.


A LOT of extremely successful and happy countries throughout the world make way more time for fun, enjoyment, and pleasure.

I will bring the fun to all shoots with dancing, music, and probably a few dad jokes!

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Young vegan photographer feed ducks along the Leeds Liverpool Canal

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