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get prepped for shoot day!

There's so much more to personal branding photography than just showing up and hoping for the best. SO MUCH MORE. And that's why some preparation along the way will help you get the best out of your investment.



all the forms of prep

Since a branding shoot is an investment in your business, it's extremely wise and highly recommended to take time to thoroughly ready yourself. The pride of feeling prepared and equipped shines through in the emotions captured. Knowing you have everything covered will help you get in the zone so you can show up ready to rock your shoot!


a little prep goes a long way to help you

relax  + feel good + look good + get the most out of your experience


mental prep

Being in a good mental space is incredibly helpful as you prepare for our session. In the days leading up to the shoot I invite you to treat yourself and do whatever feels right in order to center yourself, pause that mental to-do list, and de-clutter your mind. To you that may look like:

  • meditation

  • relaxation

  • splurging on that mani/pedi

  • soaking in the bath

  • getting a massage

This might sound a bit woo woo but affirmations really work for some people! There are plenty of playlists on spotify to put on in the background in the days leading up to your shoot. Here are a few affirmations to help get you in a positive mindset:

  • "i am kind & loving to myself"

  • "i am deserving of the good things that are coming my way"

  • "i am great at what i do & people want to work with me"

  • "i am confident in myself & ready to be seen as i am"

  • "i am excited for a fun & easy shoot that will attract"

Remember, there's no negative self-talk throughout your shoot so I challenge you to work toward retraining your brain to focus on what YOU DO LOVE about yourself. Take some time and write a list of things you love about yourself. Start with 3 and add something each day as the shoot draws near. Bring this list with you to your photoshoot!

physical prep

Feeling happy in how you look can contribute to inner confidence, so if you feel your very best all dolled up, I'd recommend having your hair and make-up done professionally - especially if it ticks one more thing off of your own list and helps you feel gorgeous!

Practicing posing beforehand can be helpful. Try getting in front of a mirror and test out angles so you know which is your preferred side. Look out for your favorite features that we can highlight on your shoot. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what poses work for you, I am going to be directing you all day so we get a nice variety of natural images!

These shoots are incredible but they can be tiring so I also recommend in the week or so leading up to shoot day you:

  • eat energizing meals

  • drink lots of water

  • get plenty of extra beauty rest

  • exercise and stretch to raise your vibrations


spatial prep

If we've agreed that your home works for the shoot, consider these tips to make sure your space is prepped before I arrive;

  • de-clutter the areas we will be shooting (these will be the rooms we agreed have the best light) - if you don't want it in the picture, stow it away

  • pick up some fresh flowers to create accents and brighten your rooms

  • turn off lights and open shades

  • grab special items from throughout your house that you'd like to incorporate

  • and count on me moving furniture and perhaps climbing on (approved) things so we can get shots with the best light and angles!

entrepreneurial prep

Taking a day away from the office can be hard - I get that. But it's so rewarding to spend a day creating valuable content that will get used across your site and platforms.

Here are a few tips to help make it as stress-free as possible:

  • set your out of office email for shoot day

  • delegate tasks and chores to others in the lead up to your shoot to reduce stress

  • take a day off following the shoot as you'll be absolutely exhausted - most people need a relaxed recovery day to restore their energy


final prep & reminders

Now that you've been nurturing your energy and nourishing your body, these are final bits of prep I would recommend a day or two beforehand:

  • confirm hair/makeup/nail appointments and rental details (if applicable)

  • iron all your clothing and pack to reduce wrinkles

  • compile your empowering playlist, or we can use mine

  • prep your outfits and props in separate bags for each location

  • make sure your nails are photo-ready, as well as anything else likely to be in photos (jewelry, etc.)

  • pack lots of water and high energy snacks

  • silence your notifications

  • keep your pockets empty 

  • breathe and relax

  • share your ideas 

  • write down 10 things you love about yourself

  • smile and compliment yourself in the mirror

  • allow yourself to have FUN!

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does being photographed make you nervous?

most people don't feel natural on camera and that's ok!

It's completely normal to feel a few butterflies at the idea of being photographed. Most of my clients express this - you are far from alone. Please share your concerns and I'll offer everything I can to help you feel more confident.

There's a bit of a warm up period at the beginning of each photoshoot, so allow yourself grace and patience - you're going to shine! Here are a few tools to help you show up to your shoot feeling your best.



breathing exercises




hair and makeup

killer wardrobe

power playlist

Crystal Healer Brand Photoshoot with Wild Kind 5.jpg

what to expect on shoot day

Story-based brand photography is a great time! 

Once we've met up we'll briefly go over the plan for the day, I'll get my gear sorted out, and prep the playlist while you settle in.


I recommend starting our session with a short meditation and even lighting incense if you'd like to clarify your intentions and set your energy, 

We'll get started once you feel aligned and ready, working through your key shot list, wardrobe, and props. I'll move around to get plenty of angles so you have a nice variety, chatting and guiding you throughout the day. I'm a bit of a goofball so that will be obvious once we get started. Most clients find that the crazier I am, the more relaxed they feel! 


These shoots breed creativity so if ideas pop in your head, please share so we get the most out of our time together!

Ease and fun are important aspects of shoot day so we'll take breaks as needed to support your energy.


Once we're done I'll pack it in and head home to back up your photos and get to work sorting out your proof gallery to send your way ASAP so you can start marking your favorites!


you can also expect...

+ booty-shaking (or zen) music

+ movement & dancing

+ bad jokes for natural reactions

+ compliments, direction, & support

+ hydration reminders

+ shoot day to go so fast

+ to be tired the next day

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