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gather your props

This is one of my favorite parts of planning! Yes, every part is important, but I love how props SHOW the story of your brand.



tools to help tell those stories

As you go through your shoot vision and settle on the stories we're telling throughout your brand shoot day, you'll start to get an idea of what props you'll need to pack. There are plenty of obvious ones for different industries but allow yourself to get creative in order to stand out. How about a megaphone? Giant sign? Biodegradable balloons? 

When you know what you want to say in your marketing, the prop ideas will start rolling in!


collect props that


get inspired

Your industry and personal routines will help determine what props to grab but here are a few ideas to help inspire you:​

  • on-the-go entrepreneur: biz book, travel mug in brand colors, passport, sunglasses

  • wellness warrior: tasty smoothie, branded color water bottle, journal & pen, fruits

  • spiritual soul: journal, oracle cards, singing bowl, sage, crystals

  • travel blogger: neck pillow, luggage, passport, plane/train tickets, guidebook, journal

  • designer: color swatches, tape measure, material samples, sketchbook

You may also want to add:​

  • vibrant umbrella, tulle skirt, edgy hat, face glitter, confetti, prosecco, fun mug

  • laptop, planner, cell phone, stationery

real life story prop examples

The stories you want to share with your audience will give you loads of ideas of what to bring. Here are some things my clients have brought along with them!​

  • contract lawyer: stacks of paperwork and fake contracts to show overwhelm

  • women's nutritionist: graze board of fresh fruit and veg, green juice, and uterus model

  • vegan activist: signs that demonstrate her point of view

  • herbalist: a variety of teas, plants, juicing equipment, and self-care items

  • art executive & author: her books, blank canvases, podcast mic

  • spiritual healer: crystals, journal, tarot cards

  • colorful artist & muralist: paintings, paint powder, smokebombs

Remember that there are so many people in each of our fields so what can you bring to really get noticed? Think outside the box in a way that will help you stand out from others in your industry and attract attention!​


Textures (1)_edited.jpg

brand your space

It's really important that the space we're shooting in embodies you and your brand.


You'll want to pack away all the distractions and kit it out with props that blend well with your colors and speak to your stories.


The space should look lived in but edited. Consider packing these homey items:

  • candles

  • framed photos

  • books

  • soft furnishings: throws and cushions

  • stationery

  • office supplies

Textures (1)_edited.jpg
Liverpool-Brand- Photographer-Wild-Kind.jpg

plants & flowers

Plants and flowers possess the unique abilty to liven up and freshen a space with pops of color and hints of fragrance.


Not only do flowers make you feel good, but they're perfect for hiding distractions such as sockets as well! They add texture and make for great foregrounds when we're getting artsy. Plus, you can use the petals as confetti at the end of the day!

I recommend that all my clients pick up a fresh, on-brand bouquet that smells incredible, to bring to the shoot. 


add some life!

Once we've got some plant life in your prop list, we need to decide if you're bringing anyone to the shoot with you:

People are great to add in that they can allow you to demonstrate how you interact with clients and show off how you offer your services. Plus, if you can get someone who is also good for hyping you up - that may come in handy throughout the day as well!

Pets will show off a different side of you and will help you attract fellow animal lovers. They're perfect for showing your audience how you fill your time outside of work.

Partners showcase your support system and home life. They do not fit into everyone's brand but if they do, invite them along!

As a general rule, I would recommend that we save photos with people, pets, and partners, for the end of the shoot. You'll be well warmed up by then and that way they don't have to wait around with you for the rest of the day. Definitely let me know ahead of time if anyone else is joining us at any point in the shoot, whether they're just helping or co-starring.


as for pooches

Should you invite your pooch to your brand shoot?!


I am such a willing animal snuggler so my personal immediate answer would be YES but let me come at it from a profesh side for a sec...


This shoot is an investment in your brand and your business. It’s all about YOU. If your furry pal is a big part of your branding I would say let’s make this work for sure, HOWEVER, if they’re not really a part of the story you share with your audience (or they are a bit rowdy and may stress you out) then it might be worth having them stay home for this one.


If they DO join us here are a few ways to make sure it’s a good experience for both of you:

  • it’s not recommended for them to join the whole time so let’s make sure we center it around the best location/story of your shoot

  • schedule them a little pamper session so they’re as camera-ready as you

  • remember to pack their water and treats

  • have a friend or partner at the ready to help you out or take them if necessary

  • make sure your lint-roller is on hand to de-hair your outfits!

  • collect a few on-brand accessories in either your brand colors or featuring your brand words (ie: lead, scarf, collar, toys)


final note on props...

Pack wisely in separate bags for each location and story, making sure to include the props. If you're bringing people, pets, or partners, make sure to let me know ahead of time!

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