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create your key shot list

This is where we start to create the outline of stories and shots you want captured - we'll work our way through this guide on shoot day.



what's a key shot list?

A key shot list is a collection of ideal images you'd like captured on your brand shoot. It acts as a checklist and guide that will direct other aspects of the shoot -> the where, what, when, etc. This shot list is compiled based on your why and your stories, and is something we'll work through together. We often veer from the list throughout the day but always go back to it to ensure your gallery will be filled with photos that represent your brand's energy and essence, and give you loads of content to share!  Check out The Must-Have Brand Photography Shotlist to get inspired!


you need images that...

introduce + educate + celebrate + connect + GUIDE

start with the story

Where to begin? Always start with the stories you want to share. We can fit multiple into a full day of shooting and once we figure out what you want to share, the shot list starts to form itself!


what's your story?

The stories we capture can be just about anything! The main goal is to create authentic imagery that showcases who you are (as a person and a brand) and stories your audience can relate to like:

  • your morning routine - smoothie making, meditating, journaling, lacing up your running shoes, etc.

  • work life - celebrating client wins, chatting through zoom meetings, preparing for an event, creation of your products, etc.

  • work / life balance - meeting for a drink with friends, taking your dogs to the park, dining with your partner, playing with your kiddos, spending time in your garden, etc.

  • self-love time - running a bath, reading, cozy, lighting candles, etc.


Anything else that spreads your brand's message, builds trust, or brings your clients value!

what's your story?
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prompts to get you started

+ What offers, services, and launches are you prepping for in the upcoming year and what visuals would help them stand out in your marketing?

+ How do you work? In a cafe? In bed? On zoom? Conducting client meetings? Share with your audience images that depict how you get through your day to day with behind the scenes photos. Maybe even invite a client along to play the part of client.

+ What types of routines would you like to share? Celebrations for client wins? Your pre-client call regime? Morning meditation to help you get in the zone?

+ Are you building a new freebie? Think of shots that can illustrate not just your freebie, but ones that demonstrate your expertise to include in order to encourage people to book one of your paid offers.

+ How do you want to provide value and educate your followers? Is there a particular conversation you want to start? These are great ways to build trust and be remembered so brainstorm content that educates and connects. What visuals pair well with what you want to say?

+ Rather than using generic stock images to fill out your website, let's create unique, personalized filler photos together. Where do you want stock-style images and of what?

+ Of course we'll get headshots throughout the day (not the corporate type, more relaxed/fun versions) - I know it's not within everyone's comfort zone to smile at the lens, but it's the quickest way to build trust and connection with people so think of the vibe you'd want.

+ How do we represent your content pillars, ideals, and values? For instance, if freedom is one of them, how does that look to you? 

+ What are your hobbies? Sharing these is an amazing way to connect and build community within your online space. Even if you don't want to have a full on knit fest photographed, there's no reason not to include yarn as one of your background props.

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Liverpool Virtual Yoga Brand Photography-7.jpg

build on the idea

I've seen loads of clients get their galleries back and then feel stuck when it comes to posting and knowing what to say, and the last thing I want is for you to have a computer full of images that don't get used. So with that in mind, have a scroll through these prompts and find ones that call to you.

Remember that the majority of your content should be to serve through providing value (that educates, motivates, and inspires) that helps your ideal clients solve their goals, struggles, and fears.


Peppered in should be how you operate your business behind the scenes, a bit about your life, and your values; and finally the promotion of your offers and social proof. Relatability is important so keep that in mind when crafting your posts to speak like you would in day to day conversation:

  • share a quote that speaks to you and dive deeper into what it means to you

  • introduce resources that your audience may love - podcasts, books, etc

  • how have you been struggling in your business and what have you done to overcome

  • what do you love about the season you're in

  • how did you get to where you are in business

  • what are your three top tips for people starting out in the industry

  • how do you celebrate client wins

  • tease a few points out of your free lead magnet

  • highlight upcoming holidays and how they relate to you or your brand

  • are there any charities you support

  • what's the best advice you've ever received

  • repurpose your most popular blog post

  • what are your favorite tools of the trade

  • highlight clients you've worked with and share their wins

  • reintroduce yourself

  • how do you juggle it all

  • what is your why

  • how do you help your clients reach their goals

  • share your daily routines that postively impact your day

  • define confusing terms in the industry to position you an expert in your field

How can we build visuals that represent these ideas? It's ok to be on the nose to catch attention! 

Screen Shot 2023-02-10 at 8.46.27 PM.png

feel unstuck using the ABCs

Most people don't realize how much they actually know.


If you're not quite sure what you want to say or how much you know about your field, start out by grabbing a notebook and writing out A-Z down the side.

Fill in each letter with important, relevant terms that not everyone will know - this is how we provide value by educating and building trust.

Little by little expand on each term you listed. Can you BELIEVE how much you know? These make great captions, blog ideas, email content, etc.

Now, how do we turn the best ones that you're eager to speak about and share, into visuals?

This is another great way to start building a shotlist...and come up with loads of content ideas along the way!

how to prioritize

Shoot days are filled with creativity and fun and absolutely FLY by! That said, things often take longer than anticipated - touchups, outfit changes, transportation, scene setups - so keep that in mind.


To help us make the most of our time, I recommend organizing your shot list in order of importance. Top of the list are your MUST HAVE shots that we'll start with at each location, followed by ones that you'd love to have but aren't essential to your business.


We will try to get as much as possible but it's important to be realistic with our time and your energy, allowing for some improv and breaks as needed. We may also want to repeat poses in different locations and wardrobes so you have a wide variety of images in your gallery.

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