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12 Ways to use Your Personal Branding Images

Your brand's photography needs are diverse.

I hope you are getting excited about the prospect of having your photos done professionally – they’re going to look so good!

When you have your planning chat with your photographer, it’s super duper important to chat intentions for the photos.

What do you need?

  • Are you refreshing your website?

  • Creating a slide deck for a presentation?

  • Being published in a magazine spread?

  • Creating Instagram content?

  • Using them as backdrops for text?

  • Something else crazy and unique?

This helps us plan our session to suit your unique needs, and it gives us both an idea of the necessary dimensions and layout we need to aim for.

Have a look at my article, 6 must-have brand images to see what we can include in your session.

Maybe you don’t yet know what you need. And that’s ok! Or perhaps you’re aiming for a website refresh and social media content, but maybe haven’t yet considered other ways to put those picture to work.

Here are some great out-of-the-box (or ones you haven’t thought about yet) ways to use those gorgeous images:

Print is not dead

1. Brochures

Whether you’re a crafter, caterer, or an event creator think about sharing your photos on brochures, flyers, coupons, order forms, and more. It will share your branding and help to build that trust that will get your customers to reach out to you as soon as they’re in need of your service.

2. Thank you cards

I didn’t realize that this form of gratitude is so rare these days! It wasn’t until I got shocked reactions from my cards, that I understood that this is a really unique thing to do, and it’s so appreciated from my clients. How great would it look to have custom thank you cards made with photos from your branding session?? You’ll wow them for sure!

3. Business cards

Most business cards I’ve seen are great logos and important text. They are informative and useful, but to that I say, “where’s the fun?!” Add some color and life to your bizzy cards with beautiful photos. Here’s a look at my recently updated ones:

4. How about some custom swag?

You can print on all kinds of things these days, whether you’re creating images for your marketing, client gifts, or giveaways – they’ll put a photo on anything! Have a think about unique ways to make use of your photos – magnets, mouse pads, bookmarks, etc

Digital is booming

Here are some perfect zero-waste uses for your photos.

5. Podcasts

It’s the age of podcasts, with over 1 million out there! As a booming business, it’s highly likely you’ll be asked to be interviewed! You'll get the chance to strut your stuff and spill your secrets. You don’t want them sharing last year’s overexposed holiday selfie in the episode promo, do you?!

6. Events

Successful independent business owners are often asked to give presentations to like-minded creatives, or even students. You’ll want to make sure that announcement is featuring an image of yourself you’re super proud of.

7. Spotify

Do you share playlists with your fans? This is an unconventional, albeit equally fantastic place to display your photos! Have a look at my Boss Tunes playlist image – pretty cool, huh?

8. Avatars

There are avatars all over the web and social media. It’s good practice for them to be consistent so followers know it’s you in an instant.

9. Blog posts

Pinterest best practices are to create multiple graphics using different imagery to link back to your blog. This drives traffic and gets followers familiar with your branding and values. Here's 3 pinterest-sized images that all link back to the same blog post.

10. Pin it!

Pin everything! Did you know that if you use your instagram account on a desktop you can pin each image by opening it in a new tab and using the chrome "Pinterest Save Button?" So useful to get yourself all over that platform! In just one month of really putting my images to work and pinning the crap out of everything, my impressions increased by over 2000%!

11. Google my business

Add them to your google business page! It's such an easy peasy way to gain trust and get yourself out there! According to searchengineland.com, "Businesses with more than 100 images get 520% more calls…and 1,065% more website clicks than the average business…" And according to brightlocal.com, "60% of consumers say local search results with good images capture their attention and push them towards a decision." They recommend including a wide variety of images types, like the ones I spoke about in my article about 6 must-have brand images, avoiding stock images, and making sure your photos are high-quality, but not over-produced (which is always my aim!)

12. Facebook Recommendations

Say whaaa? You want to write me a little recommendation?! That's so kind of you! You won't believe this but I've already made an instructional guide for you! Adding photos from our session together is really helpful to booking new clients!

As of now photos can only be added to recommendations using the FB mobile app.

Everywhere else!

The internet is a big place. Throw your images around like bright and happy confetti! Etsy, Shopify, Twitter, LinkedIn, you name it! You have an account? Share your pics!

Are you ready to book your Personal Branding Photography Session?

Check out my pricing and packages and shoot me a message at hello@wildkindphotography.com or reach out through my contact form.

Liverpool Personal Brand Photographer Kayleigh King holding camera with tongue out in Liverpool.

Hiya I'm Kayleigh - colorful brand photographer and lover of green tea, travel, & all things plant-based

I used to feel super nervous and timid in front of the camera but now I get an absolute kick out of helping other women show up boldly, authentically, and CONFIDENTLY in order to attract their people.

I can’t wait to help you feel good, save time, and capture photos that will help your business grow!

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