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The Ultimate Guide to Photo Confidence for Business Owners

Does the idea of being photographed make you feel a tad nervous, uneasy, queasy?

That's ok and you are NOT alone. If fact, you're part of the majority.

Nearly ALL of my clients tell me that either they are awkward or uncomfortable (or both) being photographed and to be honest I don't expect to hear the opposite often.

Being in front of the camera isn't an everyday thing for most of us so it's completely natural to feel a bit stiff.

Remember that your personal branding photoshoot is a collaboration - we're in it together and I'll do all I can to help you feel prepared in the lead up to and during your photoshoot to help you feel at ease and CONFIDENT on camera, from checking out preview shots on the back, to telling AMAZING jokes, and showering you with well-deserved praise.

Walking into your shoot with a positive mindset and willingness to give it your all will do wonders for the process but in the meantime, here are a few things you can do to make sure you're showing up as the most confident version of yourself and remember...



Affirm your Badass-ness

You are a badass. Think of all you've achieved and all the people you've positively impacted. Compile that goodness and remind yourself of the following:

→ "I am amazing and people want to work with me"

→ "My energy is infectious and I'm ready to attract"

→ "I love and celebrate myself"

Journal them, plaster your walls with post-its, and say them like you MEAN them.

Meditate on the Positives & Visualize your Success

Meditate on the transformation you and your business are about to experience. Think of all the wonderful people who will find you as a result of your branding shoot. Think of the time you'll save and the lives you'll change. Allow the meditation to:

→ lower your anxiety

→ be in the moment

→ connect with yourself

Visualize the gratitude from all the women you'll help once you've reached more people

Imagine your child self and speak to her. Build her up just as you would build up your own child.

Read the Reviews & Believe the Goodness

If you're not asking for reviews in your business, not only are you missing out on important feedback that can help you improve, but you're also not receiving the gratitude and compliments your brand and service deserve.

If you ARE getting reviews from past clients, collect the good and read through them whenever you need a reminder of why you do what you do and how good you are at it.

Embody those you Admire

Pick your favorite public figure and embody the confidence they exude (Beyonce's a good person to start with!) See yourself through the eyes of people who admire YOU and be their inspiration.

Call it 'fake it till you make it' if that helps!

Seek out the Professionals

Treat yourself and do something that makes you feel gorgeous (mani/pedi, blow out, yoga class) in the time leading up to your photoshoot - feeling good physically improves our mental state.

Get booked in for the morning of your shoot to have the professionals give you the full works. The help of a make up artist and stylist will up your confidence and save you the time and stress of trying to do it all yourself.

Dress to Kill

If you're not sure what to wear for your brand shoot, find a stylist who can help you find outfits that will not only look good on camera and be flattering to your body type, but will also share your personality while helping you appeal to your clients (while supplementing your brand colors for a cohesive gallery).

Dance it Out

Get into the groove and out of your head. Pump yourself up with a killer playlist on your way to the shoot. Personally, I listen to Lizzo before almost EVERY photoshoot!

I have a booty-shaking, anthem-filled playlist prepped and ready to go for my clients but perhaps you have your own in mind!