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UK Brand Photographer with Liverpool Hypnotherapist & Yoga Instructor

Brand shoot spotlight on Hypnotherapist, Bianca Kumari.

The universe really treated me when a local friend and florist mentioned my name to Bianca and we connected on Instagram. Her warm character and kind heart shone through immediately and I was so grateful to find a friend who also didn't grow up in the UK, AND she lives just one town over!

Bianca is a loving yoga instructor and hypnotherapist whose "main aim is to help people feel like the best version of themselves, to be happy, calm and free from worries, stress and anxiety and be able to give them access to the tools they need to support their mental health." Isn't that the most beautiful goal?

She teaches yoga in a nonjudgemental, light-hearted way using neuroscience to help people who struggle with stress and anxiety.

Bianca was after photos for her website and social media channels that showcase her compassion and purpose of helping others and brought in aspects of her daily routine from meditation, movement, and dog snuggles, to enjoying Ceylon tea and chatting with clients on zoom.

Our day started by meeting for a yoga class and coffee in the morning before we reconvened after lunch to spend half the day shooting around her house and garden, one of the yoga studios she teaches at, and we finished with wood fired pizza and a sunset dog walk around Top Locks in Burscough and it was such a lovely day!

You can find Bianca online here:




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