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Online Business Manager & Launch Funnel Expert's Liverpool Brand Photoshoot

Brand shoot spotlight on Automation & Funnels Expert Ilaria Sambi.

Since 2019, Ilaria's been on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to boost their earnings through streamlined, behind-the-scenes strategies, without feeling like they need to exhaust themselves with over-promotion.

If you're constantly battling tech headaches and feeling overwhelmed, she's your go-to person.

Ilaria earned her Master’s in Industrial Biotechnology from the University of Milan, then made the leap from Italy to the UK in 2010 to kickstart her career as a research scientist in a leading FTE100 company.

Despite honing her problem-solving skills in the lab, she craved a change. Transitioning to a role in market research, she gained valuable insights into marketing, project management, and consumer behavior.

Turns out, science wasn't her passion. It was just all she knew, leaving her feeling trapped in a career where she couldn't truly shine because of her quieter nature. "Speak up more in meetings" became a frustratingly common refrain, shutting out introverts like her from opportunities for success.

Despite pouring her heart into her work, she never felt truly valued, and eventually, burned out.

When she welcomed her daughter into the world in 2019, Ilaria knew it was time for a change. She wanted her to see a happy, fulfilled mom—not one drowning in misery.

She yearned to be a present parent, and a thriving entrepreneur, without sacrificing her well-being.

Discovering the online world sparked new ideas for her career path. She could blend her knack for systems and tools with her project management expertise, all from the comfort of home, allowing her to be closer to her kids.

For the first time, she realized she didn't have to compromise who she was to succeed. In fact, Ilaria made it her mission to show fellow introverts that success doesn't require loudness—it thrives on the power of quiet efficiency and strategic automation.

Now, she's living her purpose by helping busy entrepreneurs streamline their businesses, making money without the stress.

On this shoot, our goal together was to uplevel her business away from selfies so she could attract higher earning entrepreneurs to invest in her services. She wanted to highlight her VIP days and how she works with her clients, as well as touch on her home life and her why, so we started off with her kiddos in their lounge in Liverpool, then moved on to a lovely cafe on Lark Lane, followed by a gorgeous walk in Sefton Park. It was a super full, stunning day in the city, and the results speak for themselves. Ilaria has used her new brand photos ALL over her content, across her website, and throughout masterclass slide decks she's created. I'm so proud of how hard she's worked to grow her brand and build her business.

Have a scroll through to see how we brought Ilaria's upleveled brand shoot to life! You can find Ilaria and check out her products and services online here:



5 star review including 4 photos about Liverpool personal branding photoshoot.


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Hi I'm Kayleigh - compassionate brand photographer & lover of green tea, travel, & all things plant-based

I live in NW England but I grew up in Seattle and traveled for YEARS, shooting everything I saw in the 100+ countries I visited - deserts, icebergs, cliffs, fjords, you name it! 


Then I strarted photographing people, which quickly turned into a passion. I used to feel super nervous and timid in front of the camera but have worked through it and now I get an absolute kick out of helping other compassionate entrepreneurs around the world show up boldly, authentically, and CONFIDENTLY in order to connect with their people and grow their businesses.

I can’t wait to help you feel good, save time, and capture photos you can't wait to share!


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