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Liverpool Airbnb Brand Photographer with CEO of Our Remedy CBD

Brand shoot spotlight on Our Remedy CEO, Rachel Mason.

I'm going to start this post by painting you a little picture...

It's June 10, 2020 - yours truly was approaching a year since moving to the UK, the world had been in lockdown for nearly 3 months, and photography jobs were scarce. I would have a browse of upwork occasionally but since I didn't have a UK license yet, I couldn't prove my residency in England, therefore couldn't apply for UK-specific jobs on their site.

On this specific rainy english summer day, I came across this a listing titled, "Creative Photographer for fun, female focused brand," and immediately knew there was something there. Very rarely do listings include a company name, yet as fate would have it, this one did. A vegan female-focused CBD company located near London.

As a Washingtonian from the northwest of the US, cannabis is fully legalized and CBD is no stranger to me. I find it incredible useful in helping with anxiety and sleep (especially when trying to snooze through loud city noise).

Knowing it would be a good fit, I was anxious to get their attention ASAP so as fast as my fingers could type, I detailed my experience, compiled samples from other vegan businesses I've photographed, and hit SEND.

Moodboards, props, and ideas were sent, and it wasn't long before my first styled shoot with Our Remedy.

A few months later, Rachel reached out with needs for additional photographs, and popped up to Liverpool to enjoy a shoot together. She's a brilliant business women who has a unique story and strong desire to help women naturally overcome period pain, and fight the stigma that comes with it, while being as close to zero waste as possible!

Since June 2020, we've worked together loads, each with a different goal of what story to tell. Our Remedy believes in self care and relaxation so that's an important aspect of the shoots we've done, from lounging in the bath, to having drinks with your girlfriend.

This most recent shoot from April 2021 took place in a Georgian AirBnb in Liverpool and was a total blast! We spent two nights with her and her assistant Syd, shooting all day in between. Our day comprised of models, champagne, tea, videos, laughter, and a whole lot of hip hop!

Rachel's clear vision in photo needs has made working together so easy! Can't wait for the next shoot! Pop on over to their website to try their amazing CBD!

You can find Rachel online here:





"I’ve always struggled with sleep fueled by the anxiety of whichever ‘woman’s problem’

I was currently going through... more

Check the bottom gallery to see photos from previous shoots!


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Photos from previous in-person and remote product photography shoots for Our Remedy:

CEO & Founder of Our Remedy CBD Feature



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