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How Much Does Brand Photography Cost? A Practical Guide to Budgeting for your Shoot

Curious to know how much a professional branding photoshoot costs?

Let's take an in-depth look at what it takes (cost, planning, and preparation) to have an ideal brand photoshoot. Whether you are a new or established business, this knowledge will give you the insight you need as you dive into creating a stand-out brand.

So, let's get started by learning what's necessary for that perfect branding photoshoot!

Understanding Brand Photography and Its Importance

Brand photography is a must-have for any business, and understanding it can help you maximize the return on your investments.

Brand photography fuses creativity and expertise to capture the heart of your brand's identity while clearly communicating your values, purpose, and message through images that stop your audience in their tracks. It's meant to build trust between customers and your business, as well as make an impactful first impression.

To get the most out of your brand photoshoot, it's essential to understand the why behind the process. Simply put, when you use photography for branding purposes, you want to showcase images that help your business stand out to your target audience in unforgettable ways.

So, how do you ensure each photo captures your passion and unique brand identity? What kind of creative direction should inform such a shoot? It's these questions (and more) that turn an ordinary brand photoshoot into something extraordinary!

Taking time to plan each photoshoot carefully ensures the images remain consistent with the overall branding message and that they stand out from competitors in terms of creativity and professionalism.

As a solo entrepreneur, professional (and approachable) "headshots" provide you with a refined image that amplifies your confidence during conferences or networking gatherings. This, in turn, enhances how potential clients perceive you. Plus, having images that capture your personal brand and workspace is key. It's time to show off who you truly are and how dedicated you are to your work. And it also shines through on your social media, adding serious value to your brand with engaging stories.

Factors Influencing Brand Photoshoot Price

When it comes to brand photography, one of the biggest questions people have is: "How much does it cost?"

It's no wonder that this question arises since a lot of things influence the price - from what type of a photoshoot you need, and how much time and effort goes into making sure everything runs smoothly.

Keep in mind that there are 'invisible hours' that your photographer has to account for that go into creating incredible shots that will overhaul your marketing and online presence.

To nail down the cost of your brand photo session, it's crucial to determine the type of images your business requires and hash it out with your photographer beforehand. This process ensures that you're getting exactly what you're aiming for, both in terms of imagery and budget.

The factors below all affect your overall brand shoot investment, but when you go all in with your shoot, the higher your ROI!

Package: Depending on the amount of photos and locations needed, you'll be looking at different prices. Does the photographer need to rent additional equipment to capture your vision? Do you need anything expedited? Do you want additional photos?

Location: Where do you want the shoot? Are you renting a space? Are you flying abroad to capture a different feel? Do you need a permit to shoot in the location?

Props: What will help you tell the story? Do you need to rent or buy on-brand items to catch more attention?

Experience: More experienced photographers may have a higher rate, but that often comes with a better end product and a more holistic, well-rounded experience for you.

Usage Rights: You need to pay attention to these in brand photography to make sure you have the right to use the images in the way that best suits your business.

Your Look: Do you need to hire a stylist to help you figure out what to wear? Do you need to rent or purchase new outfits? What about a professional hair and makeup appointment? Maybe you want the MUA to spend the day with you for constant touch-ups?

Branding: If you've not developed your branding itself - theme, colors, feel, etc. - it may be worth doing this before the shoot to ensure you're heading in the correct creative direction.

All of the above can account for extra costs when booking your brand photoshoot, so you'll want to take some time to assess what level of investment you're ready to make to bring your dream shoot to life and make a gorgeous impact in your industry!

Tips for a Budget-Friendly Brand Shoot

Certain things, such as usage rights and the quality and experience of your brand photographer, aren't worth compromising. I've seen plenty of people book photographers without considering these, and in the end, their shoots did not accomplish the goals they set out to achieve. With that in mind, here are other ways to cut costs on your shoot:

Location: If you have a friend or relative who has a gorgeous, on-brand, well-lit space, ask if you can borrow it for your shoot. Send a few snapshots of it to your photographer so they can scope it out beforehand.

Props: Borrow props, head to charity shops, or even leave the label on and return them! You could even reach out to other small business owners and strike up a deal to borrow their product for your brand shoot in return for a social media mention (take good care and make sure you return promptly!)

Your Outfits:

  • Check out a thrift or charity shop in a fancy neighborhood where the donations may include high-end brand-name items.

  • Browse through some rental sites if you're not ready to purchase - here are just a few - Hurr, Hirestreet, Rotaro

  • Keep the tags on so you can return them after the shoot!

  • Head to John Lewis for a free styling session with the pros!

  • Or even just focus on updating wardrobe pieces that already needed updating so you'll wear the outfits in your daily life as well (with the bonus of expensing them as they were for your shoot in the first place!)

Your Hair and Makeup: Head to YouTube to learn how to DIY your hair and makeup, or pop into a makeup stall and ask for a demo!

Compare Brand Photography Packages & Experience

When it comes to brand photography, there's plenty of choice for business owners.

All brand photographers offer different packages - some that are full days, which are great if you have the time and budget to invest in them. A full-day shoot allows for the most creativity, wiggle room, outfit changes, and locations.

Some photographers even offer seasonal location-specific mini-sessions that are super budget and time-friendly but don't allow for any planning or outfit changes. These shoots are great if you just need a couple of updated shots without the time commitment.

When shopping around for different photographers, be sure to:

  • Have a look at their portfolio

    • Does their style suit your vision?

    • Do you like the energy in their images?

    • How well are they composed and lit?

    • Do their clients look comfortable and relaxed?

  • Read up about them

    • What do you have in common?

    • Do they give off a warm feeling?

    • Does their personality vibe well with yours?

    • Check their client testimonials - how well do their past clients feel about their experience?

  • Check out their packages

    • Do they offer what you're after?

    • Does it come with the usage rights you need?

  • Dive into their resources

    • Do they have a freebie that provides you value?

    • What kinds of tips on their blog can you find to help you prepare?

    • Does their social media speak to you?

Investing in a professional brand photoshoot is key to showcasing your unique brand identity. It's also a business expense, so while you'll want to consider the costs and budget, you also want to make sure you're making choices that will benefit your business in the long term.

And if you want to have a nosey at all those things listed above, you can check them out here:


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Then I started photographing people, which quickly turned into a passion. Over the years the more I got in front of the camera, the more I replaced past timidness with acceptance and self-love.


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