2 Contract Terms You Need When Booking Your Personal Branding Photographer

These freedoms are why my personal branding photography commercial user license is so killer

Are you a contract lover, or do your eyes glaze over at the thought of going over legal terms and binding details? My brain loves the details but in small doses only, so I’m going to do you a favor and keep this short and sweet! Contracts can be super confusing but I am relieved (and grateful) to say that my Personal Branding Photography contract is quite easy to follow!

It's not hard to spot the terms that you want to make sure are on your contract when hiring a branding photographer.

Mine are right here! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

What you need from your Personal Branding Photography contract:

The right to edit

We all have a unique style. And some people may be attracted to your brand, solely as a result of that style. The last thing you want is to have no ability to adjust your images after you receive them from your photographer, even if you are a fan of their work. You’ll want the freedom to add a filter or preset that matches your Instagram grid (see image below that was altered from what I delivered on the left, to the client's instagram image, on the right), or create an overlay with text for the cover of your website, or even crop the images to fit a special shape.

You are not permitted to alter images in most photography contracts. At all. And very few photographers will be comfortable with allowing it because in many ways, our styles are part of our branding. But your business and marketing won’t want to be glued to someone else’s style. And what if you change your branding in the future and want to edit your images to match that new look?

You are best going with a Personal Branding Photographer who allows you to edit their photos, and clearly states that in their commercial user license.

The freedom to not credit

Do you want to constantly have to credit someone else everywhere you use your images? Every Instagram post, every photo on your website, within each publication and marketing document you create?

Do you really want to link to another person and have people click away from your site?

Or risk being challenged by the photographer by not abiding by that clause?

I don’t think so! It can be bulky and cumbersome to credit someone every time you use an image from your session. As much as it brings me pride to see my clients include my name and/or link on the photos I use, I’m proud to offer a service that does not obligate them to do so.

If you jump on over to my Pinterest Board showcasing my portfolio, you can have a look in the section called Wild Kind Photos Shared around the Web, where you'll see tons of images I've pinned from client's websites, instagrams, and blogs, all used freely without the need to credit me.

These terms didn't feel natural right away...

When I first considered adding these freedoms to my contract, they both took time to sink into the depths of by creative soul. They stewed there a few days while I realized how important these factors are in creating the highest level of service I could provide. They are in the interest of my clients so they became imperative to my user license.

Contracts like these are rare for photographers to offer, and most are not cheap to procure. I purchased my contract as part of an American Personal Branding Photography course I studied, then had it customized to fit my needs, as well as the laws of the UK, by an extremely talented lawyer, Fahimah Adam of No. 7 Legal Services. While it was a large investment at the time, I feel wildly proud that myself, my business, and my clients are all protected and on the same page.

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