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7 Must-have Brand Images

Your brand's photography needs are diverse.

Especially with the insane amount of social media platforms we all have at our fingertips.

Are you wondering what types of photos you want captured for your business and brand? Raise your hand if your first thought was, “wait, there’s multiple types?!” I know it can be overwhelming, but don’t worry! You’re in good hands.

I’m here to tell you that there’s no lack in types of photos that can help your business grow. Truly there are so many options! And you know what? That's a great thing!

1. FUN Headshots

First of all, show them who you are. I’m not just talking a smile-at-the-camera headshot, oh nonono my friends! Remember we’re anti-stuffy over here! Ok…maybe one, but the rest will be FUN! Of course, a traditional headshot shows your face but it tells no story about who you are and what you do! We want you to be trustworthy and relatable by sharing the real YOU, whether we're shooting your work, hobbies, or hangouts! Let’s throw in some of that good stuff.

If getting your photo taken makes you anxious, have a read through

my tips on how to quell pre-shoot anxiety.

2. Behind the Scenes Photos

Peel back that curtain, create intrigue, and gain trust with photos showcasing what happens in the background of your successful business! People LOVE this stuff. They'll eat it up.

Capturing images of you hard at work not only gives your followers a peek into your process, but it also shows your dedication to making a kick-ass product or service.

A lot of consumers have no idea what the day-to-day life is like for a busy solopreneur. For instance, I’ll guess that most people have no idea that I can put in more than 40 hours a week even when I don’t have a shoot coming up. Even if you think your daily routines are not photo-worthy, I’m sure a ton of people will relate to them!

One of my most engaged-with instagram posts is a photo of me shooting in a bathtub. It's grainy and not lit well but people LOVE it. Imagine the kind of traction you'd get from high-quality behind the scenes images!

3. Events & Retreats Photos

Whether you’re an attendee or a host, sharing these photos are great for your marketing. What a fun way to connect and encourage wellness!

If you’re participating in a retreat, share that with your fans. They’ll be so interested, and it can help your retreat hosts as well – win-win for everyone!

If you’re hosting an event or retreat, you’ll have a much larger shot-list (photos of the team, participants, activities, gift bags, downtime mingling, etc.)! Hiring a ninja-like photographer with experience in a wide variety of environments, is important in order to document all the magic your retreat has to offer, without interfering with the atmosphere. These incredible images, plastered across your site and social media, will have your fans and followers feeling the FOMO, visualizing themselves there, and lining up to get a spot at the next one!

4. Flatlay Photos

Compiling items that capture the mood of your brand is a great way to make sharable eye-candy content that links back to you (think Pinterest). It’s a way to tell a story by sharing your interests, values, and even products. Styling flatlays around the seasons and holidays is a smart way to stay in front of eyes year-round and keep your images fresh!

5. Product Photos

Obviously you need photos to sell your products, but there's not just one way to photograph them.

First, as a consumer I want to see the product in its packaging. This is particularly important if you pride yourself on the value of reducing waste or being plastic-free. It shows your branding and helps give your customers an idea of what to look out for, especially if you’re stocked in a store. Their eyes will know exactly where to go!

I also want to see a product in use. If it’s food, show it plated beautifully for your fans to picture themselves enjoying it. You may even inspire them to try something new with the way you plate it. They’ll remember you as the person who introduced them to insert whatever unique plating or food pairing idea you inspired them to try.

For accessories and clothing, I want to see how it hangs on another person. I don’t want to buy a beautiful piece that gives me no context as to how it sits on the body. Get a model or two (or jump into the role yourself) and let’s share some gorgeous context!

Pretty shots of your images against a styled background - I think these are actually the most used, but in a way the least useful. Of course, they’re gorgeous and I totally support them in the mix with the rest of your content, but if they're standalone images, as a consumer, they leave me very little to go off. They are great for traffic in platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, but definitely include a variety of options for conversion.

6. Filler Photos

Remember to capture the ambience! Filler images make great backgrounds for your marketing. Don't underestimate their power to tell a story! Throw text over a simple photo that encompasses the essence of your brand and there you have your next FB post. These can be photos of the fresh flowers in the corner of your office, the steam coming off a hot cuppa in your favorite mug, samples you’ve ordered from manufacturers, your deskscape – so many ways to tell the story of your brand or event.

7. Details!

We'll get up close and personal so you can tell different stories. Take the far right image, for instance...zoomed out could explain the importance of slowing down and breathing. Zoomed in can explain the benefits of hand positions on chest and stomach during breathing exercises. Same pose -> different conversation.


When booking a brand shoot with me, we can do all kinds of photos! During our planning session we'll chat all about your shoot and make sure it's customized to fit the unique needs of your brand. If you have more ideas I want to hear them!!


Are you ready to boost your brand with a personality-packed gallery?

Let's chat about a brand photoshoot!

These images tell stories that invoke trust and connect you with others by showcasing your passions and I absolutely ADORE helping business owners feel confident on camera while bringing their shoot dreams to life! I'm here to support you and help you attract your ideal clients. Get ready for a fun day celebrating you and your brand as we capture what makes your business authentically YOU!

Check out what's involved in Personal Brand Photoshoots and reach out when you're ready to learn more!


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