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16 Ways to Calm Camera Anxiety for your Personal Brand Photoshoot

I know that stepping in front of the camera is uncomfortable for many of us, however, if you're struggling to battle your nerves, try these anxiety-reducing methods in the week leading up to your Personal Brand Photoshoot. Don't let cameraphobia stop you from showing up to attract more clients!

It's not every day you step in front of the camera, is it? If you're not used to it, it's completely normal to have the butterflies or perhaps a tad bit of pesky anxiety. I'm here to tell you that it's all good and you'll be just fine, but I get it. I've been there and I'm here to validate your nerves and apprehension.

I'm also here to support and encourage you. It can seem scary to have your photo taken but it's ESSENTIAL in getting seen and attracting more clients for you to help as you grow your business.

Everyone has different comfort levels and that's ok. But that shouldn't keep our fans from knowing who we are and what we look like.

I mean, how many people or brands do you trust whose face you can't picture?? None? Exactly! That's because they put themselves in front of the camera so we know who they are and how they can help us.

The FIRST thing I do when I discover a new brand I might like is to scroll through to find a founder photo. If there isn't one, I tend to move on. I want to get to know them and if they don't let me, I find someone new to fall in love with.

So the best advice I can give you is to make it easy on the people who want to work with you. Show them who you are, be authentic, be vulnerable - it's a-ok! (and super relatable...which is what you want!)

That said, I've found a few great methods to battle those feelings - read on for tips and tricks to get you ready to slay your shoot and remember...



1. Play with Scents

Is there a better smell than incense and essential oils? Lavender and eucalyptus get me every time. Keep an eye (nose) out for a fragrance that dissolves tension and transports you to your happy place. Think spa-like zen. There are some that are best inhaled, and others that can even be applied to skin (likely diluted with a carrier oil). This can be a quick, easy, and effective method to tell those nerves who's boss. If oils or incense are an important part of your routine or brand, consider including shots that show those details in your personal brand shoot - it is great content, and can set the mood for the rest of the shoot with smells that make you feel good!

2. Meditate

There are a number of different types of meditation that could serve you well when it comes to calming anxious feelings. I use a mix of mindfulness and transcendental meditation to take control of my thoughts and calm me down when my anxiety kicks up. If you need guidance with meditation, have a browse through your app marketplace - you're sure to find some amazing ones to help get you started.

3. Breath Deeply

The internet is FILLED with different methods of breathing techniques to fight stress and ease the mind. These are great in that they require nothing more than your participation and focus.

4. Get Cozy

Have you ever heard of Hygge? According to wikipedia, "'s a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment." Creating a space that screams comfort will help free your mind from unhealthy and unhelpful feelings. Surround yourself with these comforts whenever the butterflies visit, and consider including some of the same elements in the scenes you set up for your shoot (super easy to do when we rent an airbnb for your shoot) - bring the candles and cozy socks to help you slide into that mindset of relaxation.

5. Try some CBD

This substance, derived from nature, has proven to reduce anxiety. It can also help calm nerves, reduce menstrual symptoms, and improve sleep. And we all know that sleeping well helps with just about everything else in our lives! A few drops should do the trick but if you're new to CBD, give yourself a few days between your first try and your photoshoot.

6. Get Some Fresh Air

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time inside, in front of a laptop. The indoors can get quite stuffy, and fresh air can do wonders! Pop open a window or head outside for a brisk walk to clear your headspace with some deep breaths. Extra points if you can enjoy some beautiful nature while you're at it! Allow yourself some time while you're out there to put your nerves into perspective - try to identify the root of the feelings and see if you can reframe them into excitement for what's to come after you get your photos back - new clients, fresh look, more funnels, pride in your content, etc.

7. Enjoy some Herbal Tea

Sometimes a cuppa tea is all you need to slow things down and enjoy. Sipping on a delicious warm bevvy can turn your attention to your tastebuds and away from any anxiety you may be feeling. You may love green tea like me, but if you're in the process of trying to calm your nerves, reach for something decaffeinated like ginger or peppermint licorice.


Would you like to have a chat to see how I can help you feel calm and confident on camera?

Your brand images tell stories that invoke trust and connect you with others by showcasing your passions and I absolutely ADORE helping business owners feel confident on camera while bringing their shoot dreams to life! I'm here to support you and help you attract your ideal clients. Get ready for a fun day celebrating you and your brand as we capture what makes your business authentically YOU!

Check out what's involved in Personal Brand Photoshoots and reach out when you're ready to learn more!


8. Get some Rest

I'm sure you can agree that a great night's sleep can do absolute wonders for your energy, wellbeing, and mental state. Give yourself plenty of rest in the lead up to your shoot. You'll not only look more rested and have a clearer head, but you'll also feel better! And isn't that a beautiful goal?

9. Stay Hydrated

Ok I'll admit that I'm not totally sure that drinking lots of water will actually help calm your nerves but I do know that it will help your brain run smoother and keep your mouth from going dry so I would assume that staying hydrated would have a huge affect on lowering anxiety... Whether or not it truly does, best to drink lots of water anyway for all the other health benefits, right?

10. Speak Kindly to your Inner Child

Picture yourself as a little youngin'. Remember how sensitive you could be. Now when you're starting to feel butterflies creep in when you think about your brand photoshoot, talk to your adult self as calmly and reassuring as you would talk to your child self. Encourage her, compliment her, help her see that there's nothing to fear and that she'll be ok. Now believe everything you said to that child and continue to treat yourself just as kindly. Maybe even introduce some child-like play into your photoshoot to really embody that love and patience.

11. Be Open with your Photographer

Whatever you're feeling in regards to your photoshoot is valid. The nerves, excitement, overwhelm, all of it. In order to get the support you need, whether it's culling through your ideas to help create your shot list, or a little extra encouragement to help you boost your confidence on camera, we're here for you. Ultimately a brand photographer's goal is to help get you seen so that you can grow your dream business. If anything gets in the way of that, we're not fulfilling anyone's goals - so keep your photog in the loop with your feels so we can make this an incredible experience for you and give you a great ROI.

12. Include your Hobbies in your Shoot

Doing something that we love can be a wonderful distraction from the butterflies that new situations give us. Focusing on a hobby can not only calm down those anxious feelings, but can also give you feelings of joy and excitement (that will look natural and authentic on camera). Plus showing your life outside of the business allows you to connect with others that like the same things. Talk about building a community and attracting your ideal clients!

13. Prep an Empowering Playlist

Music can make all the difference. Imagine watching an epic film without a score... Great music provides feels, energy, confidence, comfort, embodiment! Get in the groove and out of your head with a playlist that brings you to life; or calms your nerves. Something that makes you feel GOOD and we'll blast it throughout your shoot.

I have one prepped and ready to go for my clients but perhaps you have your own in mind!

14. Write it Out

If you've got lots on your mind regarding your branding photoshoot, pop open your journal and write it out. Try stream of conciousness writing to get all your feelings on paper and work to reframe any negative ones by crossing them out and replacing them with encouragement. Try writing it as a letter to your inner child. Draft some affirmations and tell yourself of all the good that will come from increasing your visibility with new images. Even if journaling isn't normally your go-to practice you may find it to help you feel more confident, prepared, and empowered.

15. Crystals

These gorgeous gifts from nature not only look great but can also help reduce anxiety. My friend in business, Gem from the Mindful Business Coach wrote up a lovely guest post that features 3 Crystals to Ease Photoshoot Anxiety.

16. Dive into the Planning

I find that if I don't have a plan, I can feel my anxiety levels rise. All of my branding photoshoots include a planning session and write up, but investing your energy into the planning will help you feel more prepared, and in turn will likely put the butterflies to rest. As we're building out the day's structure, think of locations that not only match your brand and values, but also bring you peace and joy. Consider places that don't have a ton of foot traffic if you don't want an audience. Prep outfits that make you feel gorgeous, powerful, free, magnetic.

There you have it! If you still have concerns, contact your photographer - sometimes just a quick conversation is all that's needed to get reassurance and feel supported on your photoshoot journey.


Are you looking to elevate your confidence & boost your brand?

I'm here to guide compassionate entrepreneurs like you through fun and relaxed personal branding photoshoots that boost your confidence and save you time with loads of gorgeous content. Together we plan your shoot around your story and passions in order to build trust and connect you to other beautiful souls by showcasing the authentic you.

Check out what's involved in Personal Brand Photoshoots and reach out when you're ready to learn more!

It's ok (and very common) to feel nervous on camera - I'm here to support you through the whole journey!

Here are some tips that may help with your camera confidence.

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Please note, these are tips based solely on my experience and

do not take the place of professional medical advice.


Hi I'm Kayleigh - colorful brand photographer & lover of green tea, travel, & all things plant-based

I live in NW England but I grew up in Seattle and traveled for YEARS, shooting everything I saw in the 100+ countries I visited - deserts, icebergs, cliffs, fjords, you name it! 


Then I strarted photographing people, which quickly turned into a passion. I used to feel super nervous and timid in front of the camera but have worked through it and now I get an absolute kick out of helping other compassionate entrepreneurs around the world show up boldly, authentically, and CONFIDENTLY in order to connect with their people and grow their businesses.

I can’t wait to help you feel good, save time, and capture photos you can't wait to share!

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