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3 crystals to Ease Anxiety and Stress

Virtual photography photoshoot with the Mindful Business Coach

Hi I’m Gem, The Mindful Business Coach. Kayleigh and I have talked many times about our own struggles with anxiety and when she asked me to recommend my go to crystals for anxiety, I of course wanted to be involved.

20 years ago I took a course in Reiki and it’s here that I heard for the first time the term, Mindfulness. Since then – and with many bumps along the way – I’ve been learning more and bringing mindfulness into my life.

It was when I started my own business though that I realised just how important mindfulness is in every part of our lives.

I was so busy getting my business off the ground that I let my mindful habits slip. It didn’t take long before the effect of that got in the way of my busines growth.

You really can’t pour from an empty pot!

My approach to business coaching is to combine all aspects of your life in the planning and foundational work of your business, to take intentional action and mindful steps to implement your business's success – around your family, life, moon cycles, menstrual cycles, your own personal energy levels – to allow you to grow a sustainable business that works for you.

Anxiety has been the biggest hurdle for growing my own business and for majority of the women I speak to, it’s something that has held them back and stopped them from moving their own business forward too.

Part of the process is working on your inner self and finding the tools that help you to stay mindful and live your values through your life and your business – one of the tools I use is crystals.

Crystals as natural sources of energy...

These natural sources of energy, provided to us by Mother Earth, act as a vessel for intention setting and manifesting. They provide support for various areas of our life and give us a focus point when building and growing our business.

They are a tool to anchor and balance our emotions, each made with their own unique atomic structure and - the reason they work so well for us - work to align our jumbled up atomic structure. (It’s way more scientific than that, but you get the picture!)

Each individual crystal is made up of minerals, depending on where it grew, that give each crystal its own specific energy.

Holding crystals while we breath or meditate and bringing crystals into your intention setting and manifesting, can ignite what we need to overcome barriers or obstacles in our lives. Anxiety is something that comes at us when we least expect it, particularly when we’re trying to make a success of something.

Three anxiety-reducing crystals on book - flourite, aquamarine, and sodalite

3 crystals that can calm & balance your emotions...

...and reduce feelings of anxiety and overwhelm:

FLOURITE - the crystal of the mind

Flourite is known to help reduce anxiety, tension and stress and to help you see the bigger picture.

Flourite crystal sitting on book

SODALITE - releases blockages

Sodalite has been my stone of choice for anxiety for many years – it works with your throat chakra to release the words you need to get out. (helping you to get clear and confident on your message) Sodalite will help you to talk through worries and release the blockages holding you back.

Sodalite crystal sitting on book

AQUAMARINE - super calming

Aquamarine's super calming energy helps to ease the overwhelming feeling of uncertainty and unanswered questions. It’s a great stone to enhance meditation and calm your thoughts to let your mind rest.

Aquamarine crystal sitting on book

How to use Crystals:

You can carry crystals with you or place them around your home as a constant reminder of your intentions and goals. I have them in every room of the house, for a variety of reasons and when things are getting on top of me, I can often be found breathing in the energy of a crystal, before I’m ready to take on my next step.

There’s so much to learn and understand about crystals, but I hope this has given you a small insight into the potential power that can be cultivated from these magnificent gifts from Earth. xx

Where to find Gem:

Instagram: @themindfulbusinesscoach

Free Ebook: Understanding your Ideal Client

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