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High-End Brand Photography Tips for Coaches and Entrepreneurs to Attract Higher-Paying Clients

Elevate Your Brand Photos: Attract Higher-Paying Clients with Luxe Visuals

I’m beyond excited to share some insider tips on how to make your brand photos look absolutely luxurious, attracting those high-paying clients you dream about. Whether you're a high-level coach, a business owner, or a creative professional, these strategies will elevate your visuals to the next level. And the best part? They're achievable, not overly expensive (and expensable to your business) and designed to resonate perfectly with your audience.

Have a look through and choose the tips that resonate with you and the lovelies you want to bring into your world. Take what works and leave the others!

Glam Up with a Professional Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

First things first – when it comes to looking put together and unstoppable, professional makeup and hair styling are fairly non-negotiable.

Whether you can do it all yourself, or would rather pass it off by hiring a talented makeup artist and hair stylist, the inner confidence boost and outer transformation will give you that polished, camera-ready finish. Plan your shoot day to include these experts - you won't regret it!

Even better if you can just book them for the day and they can provide touch-ups throughout! What a dream to be catered to ALL day!

A woman is getting makeup applied, visible through the reflection in an open eyeshadow palette with various shades, captured beautifully by a personal brand photographer.

Bring an Assistant to your Brand Photoshoot Day!

Having an assistant on the day of your shoot can be a game-changer.

They can help with everything from adjusting your outfit and fixing stray hairs to managing props and keeping you hydrated. And even those capture behind the scenes clips that are excellent for social media. You AND your photographer will LOVE the help throughout the day.

With an extra pair of hands, you'll be able to focus on being your fabulous, unapologitic self in front of the camera. Plus, it's always fun to have your own personal hybe gal to share the experience with!

Rent or Borrow Clothes

Luxury looks don't have to mean breaking the bank. Renting high-end clothing or borrowing from stylish friends can give you access to designer pieces that you might not normally wear. Websites like Rent the Runway, Hurr, and Hirestreet, offer stunning outfits (and shoes, handbags, and accessories) that will make you look and feel like a million bucks without spending a fortune!

Share the Cost with a Business Buddy

Team up with a business pal and split the costs of renting clothes, spaces, or even hiring professionals. This way, you both get to enjoy a luxurious experience and can afford to go all out on those high-end details that make a big difference in your photos.

Plus, you can cheer each other on, pretend to be each others' clients, capture content for socials, and make amazing memories together! It's such a win-win! The only downside is having to share shoot time but if you're ok with that and with having images in the same location as them, it's totally worth it!

Two people seated at an outdoor cafe table, looking at a laptop. Decorative flowers and a chalkboard menu are in the background, shot during Liverpool personal branding photoshoot for Leading Ladies in Business.

Choose a Stunning Location

The setting of your photoshoot plays a huge role in creating that luxurious feel. Rent a beautiful space – think chic lofts, stylish studios, or even a posh hotel suite.

The right backdrop will add an instant touch of lux to your photos. And the wrong one can totally ruin the expansive vibe you're going for! Trust me - if you only invest in ONE thing for your shoot, I would recommend it be the shoot location. Don't know how to find shoot rental locations or what to look for in one? Check out this article for all the info!

And if you have a coach and they're putting together a retreat, beg them to book a stunning, photogenic villa and have them bring along a photographer so all the guests can leave with fresh stunning photos!


A woman in a black top and ripped jeans stands on a wooden staircase, with a large wall decoration and a mirror reflecting her image in a modern living room. Captured by Wild Kind Photography, during an Icelanding branding photoshoot.

Go Global

Nothing says lux quite like doing our client work on the villa veranda overlooking the valley (I love alliterations!) If you're a digital nomad or just love to travel, a destination brand shoot may be for you. Just make sure wherever you go is on-brand! Here are some exciting overseas destination ideas to get your wheels turning! And if you'd like to be added to my shoot location waitlist to hear where I'm shooting next so you can catch me for YOUR shoot, join here!

A woman in a flowing dress strikes a pose on a rocky Portuguese cliff overlooking the ocean, captured by an expert UK branding photographer, with a cloudy sky in the background.

Keep the Tags On

Sometimes, it's the little workarounds that can make all the difference. Keeping the tags on fresh items and then returning them after the shoot is a clever way to add new pieces to your wardrobe just for your shoot day. I have a client who did this with THOUSANDS of pounds worth of dresses! Just be sure to keep everything in mint condition and get it back to the shop before the return window closes!

Two women are standing in a room, looking at a rack of various clothes. One woman is wearing black, while the other is dressed in stripes. A sewing machine is visible on a table near the window, capturing brand photography for a Liverpool alterations expert.

Borrow or Rent a Fancy Car

Nothing says luxury like a sleek, high-end car. If you can, borrow or rent a friend's nice car for your shoot. It can serve as a great prop and give your photos that upscale vibe. But only if it suits your brand! The next step in the car concept is to make sure to shoot in a place where you can show it off!

Scour Pinterest for Luxury Inspiration

There's no inspiration site quite like pinterest! You're sure to find plenty of ideas to curate a shotlist full of quality images that will help you craft a dream shoot! If you're new to it, I've written a whole article about how to use pinterest for brand shoot planning.

Trade Content for High-End Pieces with Koactt

Have you heard of Koactt before?

This platform lets creators borrow stunning designer pieces in exchange for content, making it super easy and affordable to give shoots a high-end vibe. The platform promotes sustainable fashion by allowing you to borrow high-end items instead of buying, ensuring shoots are both stylish and eco-friendly. Koactt connects you with top brands and designers, helping you create stunning, high-quality images that attract higher-paying clients. You can even shoot (not exactly borrow) in a private jet! You just have to be willing to gift photos and or videos from your shoot in exchange, and there's no guarantee you'll be approved by the designer but it's definitely worth looking into! Check out Koactt and start borrowing today!

Let's Create Magic Together!

I hope these tips inspire you to elevate your brand photos. Remember, it's not just about looking good – it's about feeling good on the inside, too. If you're ready to create stunning, luxurious brand photos that attract high-paying clients and resonate with your audience, let's connect! I can't wait to help you shine.


Are you looking to book a brand shoot?

I'm here to guide compassionate entrepreneurs like you through fun and relaxed personal branding photoshoots that boost your confidence and save you time with loads of gorgeous content. Together we plan your shoot around your story and passions in order to build trust and connect you to other beautiful souls by showcasing the authentic you.

Check out what's involved in Personal Brand Photoshoots reach out when you're ready to learn more!


Photographer sitting on black stool surrounded by plants.

Hi I'm Kayleigh - compassionate brand photographer & lover of green tea, travel, & all things plant-based

I live on the NW coast of England near Liverpool but I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and traveled for YEARS, shooting everything I saw in the 100+ countries I visited - deserts, icebergs, cliffs, fjords, you name it! 


Then I started photographing people, which quickly turned into a passion. Over the years the more I got in front of the camera, the more I replaced past timidness with acceptance and self-love.


I've seen this shine through in my clients as well and it brings me so much joy helping other leaders around the world show up boldly and unapologetically to connect with their communities and grow their businesses.

And I absolutely love teaching other brand photographers how to hold the space for these shifts in their clients as well!


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