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Leicester Brand Photography with Contract Lawyer

Brand shoot spotlight on Contract Lawyer, Fahimah Adam.

The probability that Fahimah and I would have ever crossed paths is quite low but due to the wonders of the internet, when I needed a lawyer to help ensure my US brand photography contracts covered all my UK legal needs after my trans-Atlantic move, friends of friends of friends connected us. And thank goodness because over the last nearly 3 years, Fahimah has been not only a highly reliable and brilliant contract lawyer, but she's become a fast friend and up until this shoot we had never actually met in person!

I'm so grateful we were able to make this shoot happen despite living in very different parts of the UK. During COVID lockdowns Fahimah converted her detached garage into a gorgeous backyard office complete with gigantic conference table and bifold doors. It was the perfect place to capture her and with a little help from some fill lights, the space was wonderful.

Fahimah worked hard to prepare for her branding photoshoot day, from inviting THREE people at different stages of the shoot to act as her clients, to crafting a fake contract (with no confidentiality concerns of being photographed), to making sure her outfits fit into her brand palette.

We had so much fun jamming to 90s hip hop and capturing a huge brand photography gallery to refresh her website and give her plenty of content to share throughout her blog, media accounts, and upcoming speaking gigs. The goal was to show that getting "legal help can be light and easy." Contract law doesn't have to be stuffy and those who specialize in it can be informal, approachable, AND professional.

We captured a lot of her images within her home office and lounge, and finished off her brand photoshoot day with snacks and client interaction shots at a local coffee shop in Leicester that had a similar design aesthetic to her office (so useful in making sure the entire gallery blends well throughout the various locations).

If you're in need of help getting your Ts & Cs sorted to protect your business, you can find Fahimah online here:





No7 Legal Services


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