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How to Tell your Story with Purposeful Brand Photography

Sharing your stories through brand photography will help you connect with your audience.

why are stories important in brand photography?

Humans are curious cats. We want to get to know the people behind the brand, and not just in the obvious way. It's more than seeing what you do and how you do it. We want to know what makes you tick. What are your values, your hobbies, your morning routines?

Don't let this overwhelm you - it's great news because you need images that help your audience connect with your brand in a deep and meaningful way. Your brand photos should:

  • support your values

  • convey your personality

  • increase your credibility

  • stand out online

  • speak to your content pillars

YOU are what sets your business apart from others in the industry. Capitalize on the things that make you unique, relatable, and unforgettable and use that to attract followers, customers, fans, groupies - whatever you need to make your business grow!

This is all great but the truth is, you may not actually know what makes you unique as a business and could benefit from an outsider having a look at your brand and helping you uncover the USPs that are specific to you, and then helping you build stories around them.




How else besides sharing your stories, would we show the world just how incredibly amazing you are??

what is a story-based brand shoot?

Story-based brand shoots are all about capturing you and your business in a natural, authentic, relatable way. To shoot personality-driven images that convey truth and emotion, connecting you to your ideal people to ultimately increase your brand loyalty and reach.

It's not about staging perfection and smiling into my lens. Yes, we'll be strategic about what makes it in the frame, but it's important to remember that perfection isn't relatable, and relatability is our goal!

From shooting your morning routine in the comfort of your home and attending events with you, to creating flat-lays and joining you on your family vacation, I'm here to tell your story!

what stories should we capture?

The stories we capture can be just about anything! The main goal is to create authentic imagery that share the parts of you your clients can relate to.

We'll brainstorm and form plans around how to capture each story you want to tell. They depend on your industry, but more so on your personality and interests. If you're a professional speaker, that doesn't limit your shoots to podiums and stages. Those are great, but your audience will relate to and connect more from seeing you interact with your pets, or learn a new hobby.

Need some ideas?

  • your morning routine - smoothie making, meditating, journaling, lacing up your running shoes, etc.

  • work life - celebrating client wins, chatting through zoom meetings, preparing for an event, creation of your products, etc.

  • work / life balance - meeting for a drink with friends, taking your dogs to the park, dining with your partner, playing with your kiddos, spending time in your garden, etc.

  • self-love time - running a bath, reading, cozy, lighting candles, etc.

prompts to plan your brand shoot stories and shotlist


What offers, services, and launches are you prepping for in the upcoming year and what visuals would help them stand out in your marketing?


How do you work? In a cafe? In bed? On zoom? Conducting client meetings? Share with your audience images that depict how you get through your day to day with behind the scenes photos. Maybe even invite a client along to play the part of client.


What types of routines would you like to share? Celebrations for client wins? Your pre-client call regime? Morning meditation to help you get in the zone?


Are you building a new freebie? Think of shots that can illustrate not just your freebie, but ones that demonstrate your expertise to include in order to encourage people to book one of your paid offers.


How do you want to provide value and educate your followers? Is there a particular conversation you want to start? These are great ways to build trust and be remembered so brainstorm content that educates and connects. What visuals pair well with what you want to say?


Rather than using generic stock images to fill out your website, let's create unique, personalized filler photos together. Where do you want stock-style images and of what?


Of course we'll get headshots throughout the day (not the corporate type, more relaxed/fun versions) - I know it's not within everyone's comfort zone to smile at the lens, but it's the quickest way to build trust and connection with people so think of the vibe you'd want.


How do we represent your content pillars, ideals, and values? For instance, if freedom is one of them, how does that look to you?

Once your brand shoot is booked, we'll plan your shoot stories and shot list in more detail!

when booking your personal brand photographer...

Brand Photographers save you time by helping you craft a branding shoot that showcases stories that will resonate with your ideal clients.

If you're ready to move forward with a shoot, have a look at these 5 Tips for Hiring your Brand Photographer, and read about the 2 Terms you'll want in your Brand Photography Contract.


Are you looking to elevate your confidence, & boost your brand?