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The 20 Client Emails you Need in your Personal Brand Photography Business

If you run your own business, you're well aware that effective and detailed communication with your clients is crucial. Especially when you're in the business of creating images to promote the businesses of your clients!

Not only does great communication have an impact on creating wow-worthy galleries, but it also instills trust that will boost their confidence in you as well as their own when they step in front of the camera. And if you’re excellent at detailing the steps and holding the space for them, it will result in repeat bookings and referrals. 

So here are the emails you need in your brand photography business:

pre-shoot emails you need for brand photography client communication

1. inquiry response - this email is sent automatically through my CRM, Tave (affiliate link), after someone inquires through the form on my website and includes a link to book a discovery call together

2. quote invite - if client wants to move forward after a successful discovery call, this email is sent manually with a link to their proposal, initial questionnaire, contract, and link to make the first payment, as well as a note to what happens next and my embedded BTS brand shoot video so they can see what it’s like to work together

3. receipt of payment - make sure to send a payment receipt so your clients can expense the shoot. Include any digital gifts here as a thanks for booking. You may also want to tell them to keep an eye out for your next email.

4. planning steps - congrats for booking message with links to the 7 planning guides I send that details how to find inspiration, plan their shot list, find locations that suit their brands, decide on hair & makeup, pick out their outfits, choose their props, and how to make final preparations; as well as link to their planning questionnaire and link to book their planning call with me.

5. shoot plan delivery - a reminder of the location and timing of the shoot as well as a link to the custom shoot plan created after the call and questionnaire along with an explanation of how to add comments and edit the shoot plan. Include a reminder to reach out if they have any questions

6. one week to shoot - remind them of the shoot location/time/date and include a list of friendly reminders to help them stay organized and complete everything needed to ensure a successful shoot. Link to confidence blog posts if you have any and include your phone number for last-minute questions. You may want to include FAQs at the bottom.

7. three days to shoot - just a quick version of the previous email with a reminder of meeting details, phone number again, and a nudge to set an out-of-office auto-reply for shoot day.

post branding photoshoot emails you need for client communication

8. post-shoot process - I only send this email if I’m a little backed up and need a bit of extra time to get them their proofs. It thanks them for a great shoot and explains what happens next in the shoot process.

9. proof gallery ready - only use if you implement a proofing gallery system where clients choose their faves to be edited. Include how to access gallery, process and tips for choosing proofs, and how many are included and what to do if they want to purchase more. Give them an idea of when their finals will be ready.

10. final gallery delivery - share your excitement to send off their final images and explain how to access and download, sharing the difference between high res and web sized. Include info on backing up photos as well as any tagging requirements you have as part of your process.

11. gallery expiration - set one or two reminders a few days before their final gallery expires (if this is how you operate) so they aren’t shocked when it goes offline.

12. outro: profile updates - share best practices on choosing their new profile photo and include a list of places to suggest they update it so (hopefully) they don’t miss any places and have a consistent presence everywhere.

13. outro: content prompts - encourage them to get started sharing their images on social media with a list of content ideas!

14. outro: service directory - share a directory of other service providers that may be useful to your clients as they continue to grow their business: VAs, OBMs, coaches, etc.

15. outro: where to use - it can be easy to want to default to IG and FB when it comes to sharing brand photos. This email provides more than 15 other ideas of where they can share their fresh photos to help them stand out and get recognized.

16. outro: photo SEO - using photos correctly on websites takes a few steps which are really important to share so your clients are using the images in a way that enhances their site.

17. outro: permission to show up - this email is a loving reminder to those clients who get a bit nervous before sharing their photos, that it’s their right to show up and promote their business!

18. follow up - after your outro sequence is through you’ll want to check in on them to see if they have any questions, make them aware of your referral program, offer any repeat shoot discounts you may have, and invite them to leave you a google review and fill in your client survey.

19. blog feature - if you feature your clients in a blog post along with their images, you’ll want to make sure you’ve gotten all the details right - send them the link so they can make any changes and share it with their audience as well!

20. 3-month check-in - 3 months (and more if you’d like) after your shoot, check in with your clients to see how they’re getting on or if they could use any updates or other services you offer. Remind them of your referral program and invite them again to complete a testimonial as well as your post-shoot survey if they’ve not done so already.

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Mockup of the 20 templates all brand photographers should have in their business


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Hi I'm Kayleigh - compassionate brand photographer & lover of green tea, travel, & all things plant-based

I live in NW England but I grew up in Seattle and traveled for YEARS, shooting everything I saw in the 100+ countries I visited - deserts, icebergs, cliffs, fjords, you name it! 


Then I strarted photographing people, which quickly turned into a passion. I used to feel super nervous and timid in front of the camera but have worked through it and now I get an absolute kick out of helping other compassionate entrepreneurs around the world show up boldly, authentically, and CONFIDENTLY in order to connect with their people and grow their businesses.

I can’t wait to help you feel good, save time, and capture photos you can't wait to share!


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