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find your inspiration

Now that you're booked, we're going to need to hone in on your vision. What inspires you? What stories do you want to tell? How do you want your images to look and feel? 




why is it important?

Because a brand shoot can take many forms, it's super important to share your vision. I want to see what images inspire you so together we can create your shoot day of dreams. Compiling photos and accounts whose aethetics you love will provide us direction on all other planning aspects. And the best way to do that is with pinterest!

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it's about finding images that...

speak to you + INSPIRE creativity + make you feel good + tell a story

how to use pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest is basically a visual search engine? It's perfect for finding photoshoot inspiration.


If you don't already have an acccount, definitely create one - as a business owner, you totally should use this platform as it's an amazing funnel to get people on your mailing list if done correctly.

1. head to the 'Saved' section of your business account

2. on the right hand side, click the big + and under 'Create' choose 'Board'

3. in the pop up box, name your board using the format "[Your Name] Brand Shoot" so it stands out as yours

4. don't want people to know you're planning a shoot? Tick the 'Keep this board secret' before hitting the 'Create' button

5. under your photo icon, click the big + and type 'wildkindphotography' into the search bar and click the 'Invite' button when you see me pop up! 

Now we're linked and I can see everything you pin from my account!

6. get to pinning themes, aesthetics, wardrobes, props, etc. that inspire your shoot vision


tips to get you started

+ I recommend settling into your space to get into a creative mindset. That may look like saving this task until the end of your work day (or when you feel the most inspired) - see it as a celebration of your business and take the time to enjoy it rather than squeeze it in. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and put on some creative tunes to dive on in.

+ Start with typing in both broad and specific search terms like, 'brand shoot,' or 'yoga instructor branding photoshoot' - you'll see plenty of ideas and pinterest will even suggest other things you may like.

+ Pin around 30 images that inspire: themes, locations, wardrobes, textures, colors, props, poses, etc.

+ Keep in mind that we won't be replicating these shots. This is your unique shoot! Buuuut, they will be so helpful in guiding and directing our planning.

+ Have fun with it! Can't wait to see what inspires you!

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Instagram is another place to find loads of inspiration!


If you have some favorite IG accounts, shoot me the handles and let me know what about their visuals inspire you.

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