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choose your hair & makeup helpers

Whether you go it alone or hire a stylist and make up artist for your shoot, you’ll want to make sure that before all else, you are COMFORTABLE.

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the benefit of pro hair & makeup

How you look impacts how you feel on camera. The better you feel looking into the mirror, the more confident you'll feel, making you radiate on camera. 

These photos are an investment that will represent your brand for awhile, so you may find it beneficial to invest in professionals who can help you love your look. Having done it myself, I would super recommend it! It's one less thing to do yourself and who doesn't love getting taken care of?!

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you'll want hair & makeup that

elevates your brand + makes you feel good + looks great on camera


tips for booking your hair & makeup

When it comes to outsourcing professional help in your hair and makeup styling, here are a few thoughts:

  • Heaviness - makeup tends to not look as heavy on camera, so don't go too thin, and seek out a specialist who has experience doing makeup for photoshoots.

  • Schedule - if you're visiting their places for your appointments, aim to finish everything at least an hour before you need to leave for your shoot - things always take longer and we've got to factor in pesky traffic.

  • Examples - send or take photo examples of makeup and hair inspiration to give the artists an idea of whether or not you're a good fit for each other. See if they can do a trial run with you before shoot day.

  • Join in - can your makeup artist and/or hair stylist join us on shoot day? Check-in to see if they are available to come geared up and ready to update your look throughout the day! I'm totally down for another person to help out! They can help with so much more than just your look too...

face shape makeup tips

Oval - Contour directly under cheekbones from mid ear towards the nose.

Round - Contour the temples, cheekbones and the sides of the jawline to give more definition.

Square - Contour the four corners of the face, the temples and the jawline so they appear less angular and give a softer edge.

Oblong - Apply contour across the top of your forehead and directly under the chin to shorten your face.

Heart - Contour the temples so face appears more narrow and soften the jaw line by applying contour under the pointiest part of both sides of the jaw.

Triangular - Contour along the jaw line to make this area more prominent and balance out the middle portion of the face.


Try using concealer to highlight the centre of your forehead and chin to bring these areas forward and give dimension. You can also create fuller looking lips by highlighting your cupid’s bow. When contouring use two shades darker than your natural skin tone and highlight using two shades lighter.

- tips from a makeup artist

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quick & easy hair styles

Your hairstyle frames your face so it's a good practice to keep your regular hairstyle for the shoot. But feel free to mix it up with any of these ideas:

  • High ponytail

  • Low ponytail with centre or side part

  • Sleek top knot

  • Messy bun

  • Low bun

  • Half up half down

  • Braids

  • Space buns

  • Twists

Hair style ideas by Jade.

eyelash guide

Jade's tips on which lashes could be right for you:

  • Almond eyes - Fuller lash to increase depth.

  • Deep set eyes - Fuller, longer lash to bring the eyes forward.

  • Rounded eyes - Winged lash to maximise width of your eyes.

  • Downturned eyes - Winged lash providing a lifting effect to outer corners.

  • Upturned eyes - Wispy lash to create a more delicate shape.

  • Hooded eyes - A lash with longer lashes in the centre to really open the eyes.

  • Mono-lidded eyes - Fluttery, multilayered lash to open the eyes.

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100% vegan makeup brands

  • Ardell lashes

  • B.

  • Beauty without cruelty

  • Clove + hallow

  • Cover FX

  • ELF

  • Haus makeup

  • Jeffree star

  • Kat Von D

  • Lime crime

  • MILK makeup

  • MUA

  • OFRA

  • The ordinary

  • Real techniques

  • Spectrum

Because who wants to use anything but?

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final note on your look...

We're not trying to make you look like anyone else in these photos. Just elevate the natural beauty that is true to you! That said, if you turn to fake tan, make sure it's applied days before, and be careful with your hands, feet, elbows, and knees - all the places that are tricky. Uneven, splotchy tan marks are not something I can edit naturally. Remember to bring your makeup bag to shoot day for touch-ups if you're doing it yourself!

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