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pick out your wardrobe

Time to pick out the shoot clothing that represents your brand! It's time to show the world who YOU are. You’ll want to make sure that you are comfortable and confident with your look and that it speaks to your personality as well.



get intentional with your outfits

Wardrobe is an important factor when it comes to your shoot as it helps you stand out and sends a message to your audience, but most importantly, it contributes to how you FEEL! And we want you to feel (and of course look) freakin' STUNNING.

As your shoot day gets closer, make sure your outfits are prepped and wrinkle-free and remember to have fun with it!


pick lots of looks that speak to your different sides

entrepreneurial + casual + everyday + PLAYFUL + ATHLETIC


where to start

So the funny thing is...I'm like one of the least qualified people to write about style but here we go! These tips can be helpful but in the end, make sure to dress to suit your personality.

First of all, you'll want to have more than one outfit available per story we're telling so it's likely that we'll be able to fit in 10-12 wardrobe changes (especially if you're speedy!)

Have a few outfit, layer, and accessory choices available so we can easily and quickly switch it up. Make sure they're on-brand and wrinkle-free!


  • the stories we're telling and how to dress for them

  • if others are joining the shoot, complementing, rather than matching is key

  • bringing in accents that pair nicely with your brand colors

  • branded pieces (ie: apron with logo)

  • can fun slogan tees help tell your story?

  • can your clothing be easily stained in the story we're telling and does that suit your brand?


need some wardrobe guidance?

I'm no stylist but I've compiled a guide below full of outfit ideas to inspire your looks.


what stories are we telling?

Use the stories you want to share with your clients. Let them guide you as you chose clothing that enhances those stories.


So for instance if you're telling the story of your healthy morning wellness routine of meditation and journaling, you may want a dressing gown, pajamas, and or loungeware.

If we're capturing you on a zoom call, you'd likely want outfits that emphasize your boss status and/or show how down to earth you are.

Playing with the kiddos? Go for casual.

You get the idea!

Textures (2)_edited.jpg

things you'll want to avoid...

Over time I have learned what NOT to wear on brand shoots. Certain things wash you out or create confusion, so when planning your wardrobe, look to these guidelines but remember it's ok to mix things up if it suits your brand.


super contrasting patterns - confusing to the eyes and takes the attention away from you

fluorescent and neon colors - casts distracting tones onto your face and surroundings

skin-toned clothing - very challenging to edit your clothes separately from your face

pieces with logos - dates the image

too much black - details get lost and outfits start to blend together

off brand statement Ts - anything with words should support your brand values & identity

off brand colors - adding too many colors outside of your brand palette will clash and make your marketing inconsistent

Erin Yoga-9.jpg

how to stay on brand

Whether you want to max out on your outfit count or stick to just a few looks, your wardrobe needs to be on brand so that all your photos tie in well throughout your marketing.


Here are a few easy ways to do that with your clothing:

  • start with timeless neutrals that can survive any future rebrands

  • minimize the number of bold patterned pieces (but definitely include a couple if they are true to you)

  • find pieces not just in your brand colors, but also ones that are in the same color family

  • add on-brand layers and accessories

  • find a graphic T or two that embodies your values

  • incorporate your work look in your shoot (ie: coveralls, apron, etc.) and even get them customized

Textures (1)_edited.jpg

how to pack

The best way to prepare for your shoot is to pack separate bags or small suitcases that include everything you need for that location - props, outfits, accessories, etc. You can do this with dress bags as well. That way as soon as we head to the next location, you grab that bag and you're good to go!

where to change

This is a valid concern, but not to worry - there are plenty of options! We can either pop into a cafe; or I can hold up something to shelter you; OR I even have a fabulous pop up tent I can bring with me and set up anywhere!

Textures (1)_edited.jpg

capture the seasons

In order to get the most out of our shoot, I would highly encourage you to incorporate more than one season's accessories into your wardrobe but has to make sense. We can't put you in a summer dress if the wind and rain are going crazy around you (although that's often the reality of a British Summer!) but we can absolutely make it work where we can.

Textures (2)_edited.jpg

wardrobe hacks to save you money!

Clothing can get EXPENSIVE - I totally feel you there! But I've got some ideas to keep your cost down while up-leveling your look:

  • Check out a thrift or charity shop in a fancy neighborhood where the donations may include high-end brand-name items

  • Browse through some rental sites if you're not ready to purchase - here are just a few - HurrHirestreetRotaro

  • Keep the tags on so you can return them after the shoot!

  • Remember that you can expense your clothing purchases and/or rental items when used for your brand's photoshoot!

  • Head to John Lewis for a free styling session with the pros!

- your -
brand shoot style guide




Have a look through this guide to get inspired by these looks! It's best to have a few backup options as well if for some reason you're not feeling a look on the day (or we have a little wine spill!)

a morning look

If you start your day with a vital routine that contributes to your mental wellbeing and/or success of your business, you may find that capturing aspects of that is a great addition to your shoot. Best to be realistic and pull out the cute comfy loungeware.


  • A few different options as baggier clothing can impact proportions on camera

  • Complementing both your brand colors, and the colors of the furniture in the room we're shooting

  • Bring along soft furnishing that match your palette to customize the space to specifically suit your shoot


a daily look

How great is it that you get to show up to work wearing WHATEVER you want?!

Here's your chance to show your clients what they can expect to see on your next zoom call or coffee date.



  • If you wear trousers most of the time, choose a printed or stylish pair with strong details

  • A comfortable top with fine details or embellishments will compensate for not wearing any accessories

a glamorous look

This is your time to elevate that look! Upping your luxury game is a chance to stand out from the crowd, have fun, wow your fans, and maybe even attract new high-level clients. Embody one of your idols and have a great time with it!



  • Choose an outfit with luxurious fabrics

  • Add costume jewelry to make a bold statement

  • Wear shoes with an accent color to create a good contrast

Me & Rapeseed (Formal Dress)-13 small.jpg

a sparkly look

Toss the confetti and sprinkle the glitter! Incorporating sequins and other shiny objects looks great on camera! Plus, it shows us your more playful side AND can be great for celebratory social media posts! Don't want to wear the sparkles? Bring props or even fizz to capture the same idea!



  • Mixing solid and shiny

  • This is an opportunity to add some bling, whether it's something you wear or fun props!

  • Costume jewelry is a great way to draw the eyes to your neckline

a lifestyle look

This is the most authentic category. Grab a number of outfits that represent how you would look while running errands or relaxing with friends. This is your chance to showcase your approachability, authenticity and relatability. How you can tie your brand themes into these shots?



  • A good pair of jeans and a fine knit jumper will give you a relaxed yet business casual vibe

  • This is a good opportunity to wear one of your “go to” dresses. Use layers to change it up quickly

  • Try cozy, work-from-home leisurewear for a relatable look


a flowy look

Consider grabbing a couple dresses that will come to life when the breeze picks up. These showcase your playful, carefree side and look wonderful in the great outdoors, from beach and meadows to forests and gardens!



  • A maxi skirt or flowy dress will give you a chance to spin and swirl!

  • Long scarves can be used as an alternative if you don’t wear skirts or dresses often

  • Wide leg trousers offer room for a playful stride

a sexy look

Catch the eyes of your fans by highlighting your sexy, feminine side. Shoots like this may be a tad nerve-wracking but can boost confidence like none other! Talk about standing out from the crowd! Got any launches coming up? These shots will stop the scroll for sure.



  • Choose a fitted skirt or dress

  • Be bold and go for a vibrant color

  • Tops with mesh detail or cold shoulder tops with fitted jeans look great

  • Drape a soft colorful scarf over a crop top for a cheeky pose


a boss look

Even the chillpreneurs need to bust out a professional look from time to time - think book launch, speaking engagement, high-class networking event. Or maybe your ideal clients tend to dress this way. Here's your chance to step into some sassy CEO heals and dress to impress.



  • A quality tailored skirt, suit or blazer with jeans for a smart casual look

  • Grab a cruelty-free leather or velvet jacket depending on the statement you want to make (edgy or soft)

  • Embellished heels will add some classy power

  • Throw on some specs to frame your eyes and mix it up

a bold look

Mix it up with at least one outfit that pops with fun patterns to catch the eye! Solid colors are great for the majority of the shoot but we're dealing with your personality, brand, and style here so allow it to shine through with bold patterns if it suits you! Not a pattern person? What about a vibrant scarf, necklace, or shoes?



  • A bold print in flattering colors paired with color block

  • Longline top with skinny jeans or slim fit trousers

  • Diagonal or vertical stripes are more flattering and slimming than horizontal

Liverpool Remote Product Photographer.jpg
Liverpool Beach Brand Photoshoot with Wild Kind Photography-65.jpg

a T that speaks

You can't beat that perfect T that tells a story. Here's your chance to get share with world what you're about, showcase your logo, spread your important values, or even make a special announcement!



  • Size matters! Make sure people can read your statement shirt from a distance

  • Why not special order a T to ensure you stand out?

a leisurely look

If you've got an active hobby close to your heart, throw on the yoga pants and let's get you in your element. Showcasing your beloved hobbies is an amazing way to connect with people on social media. You may even find a new climbing buddy!



  • Choosing colorful activewear will enhance your mood and help you to stay focused

  • You can inject some of your brand colors by carefully selecting your footwear

  • This could be a great time for some neons!

Liverpool Artist Beach Brand Photoshoot.jpg

a creative look

Try something different! Create incredible images that help you stand out and show who you are! Load up the powder paint, ballet skirts, eco-friendly glitter, and smoke bombs so we can finish your shoot with a BANG!



  • Rocking the boat a little and have fun with your outfit choice - tulle, coveralls, kimonos, you name it!

  • Making a splash by packing a fun swimsuit and jumping in the ocean

  • Creating an exciting look with a dash of bright eye color or glitter 

a bare look

Are you on a body acceptance journey for yourself? Are you leading others through one? If you or your brand are going through a rebirth of any kind, you may find that shedding the layers speaks well to your story and captures the eyes people who need to see your message and offer.



  • You don't have to truly take it all off - you can easily elude to being nude with clever angles (however, you may find it an important part of your journey to go all out with it)

  • Nature creates a beautiful backdrop for this type of discovery and self-love

Textures (1)_edited.jpg

final note on wardrobe...

It's likely we may not get to EVERY outfit you pack so, just as with locations and shot list, we'll prioritize by starting each scene off with your favorite outfit, making time to introduce other looks once we've captured the first round of shots and you've signed off!

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